Dr Greens Agent X Review

I have had some comments recently asking does Agent X synthetic urine work?

So I thought I’d do a Dr Greens Agent X review to answer that question for anybody who is considering using it to get through a drugs test.

There are so many types of synthetic urine out there, that it makes sense to understand if Dr Greens Agent X works or not, rather than wasting your money trying to find out.

Dr Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine: What’s The Truth?

dr greens agent xAgent X used to be very reputable brand of synthetic pee. But it’s not popular any longer. There seem to be several reasons for that, which I’m going to go through right here.

For a start, there is a warning right there on the Dr Greens website that says :


[alert-warning]”This product cannot be shipped or sold to residents of : Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, Wisconsin or Tennessee. If you live in one of these states and purchase this product we will not ship it and you will be charged a 50% chargeback processing fee.“[/alert-warning]

The that’s obviously ridiculous. If somebody orders in good faith, you can’t legally take half their money. So right up front there you can see that there’s a very good reason why Dr Greens Agent X synthetic urine has lost popularity, because of that ridiculous lack of trust right there on the website.

So it doesn’t matter if agent X synthetic urine works up to a point, it’s about trust.

On top of that, it contains uric acid, which almost every type of synthetic urine is listed as containing nowadays, even if sometimes it doesn’t which is outrageous. But the other point here is that it doesn’t come with UREA, and also the pH level can’t be balanced because they don’t mention it, and it’s a selling point which they would mention.

So you can’t trust them, and the product they are selling isn’t up to scratch either.

And on top of that, just take a look at the reviews on their website:

WORKS!!!! worth the money!!!!”


“Works every time my husband and I have used it for two years now. We both use it about five times a year.

Really? These are such obviously fake Dr Greens Agent X reviews that you wonder why some idiot took 10 seconds of the lives wasting their time insulting people’s intelligence. It’s really just a total and utter joke.

So Dr Greens agent X is a fail.

What Are The Alternatives of Dr Greens Agent X ?

dr greens agent x reviewWell, I know for a fact that Sub Solution synthetic urine works like a charm. I’ve also used Quick Fix 6.1  synthetic urine and I know for a fact that it works as well because I passed a drugs test with it. Check out my detailed synthetic urine reviews.

With quality products out there, what’s the point in changing to agent X or crap like clean stream when there is so much to doubt about it, and risk your job and livelihood?

The bottom line with my Dr Greens agent X review is that it’s a waste of money, a big risk and there are tons of better players on the market.

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