Does Dollar Tree Drug Test?

Many of you asked me in the comment section: Does Dollar Tree drug test? I know most big companies, especially retailers like Walmart and Lowe’s do routine drug testing. They do these drug tests on potential new employees, and for internal promotion I’ve heard, and also when somebody is injured or causes an injury.

Does dollar tree drug testThe one exception to this trend of drug testing employees I have  heard is Dollar Tree. I’ve looked around quite a lot online to try and find out the answer to this question. Does dollar tree drug test for employment?


Well, if you look at the Internet some people say yes and some people say no.

But the vast majority of people from the places I have read seem to say no. I’m getting the impression that  they don’t drug test new employees, and only drug test under certain internal conditions, such as if there is an accident maybe?

I’ve never applied for a job at Dollar Tree, and I don’t know anybody who has, nor even heard of a friend of a friend who works there, so I’m not really sure how to answer this question and I’d really like to know the answer.

So I have left the comments section open here, and I’m putting the question out there to you ladies and gentlemen. The question is does Dollar Tree drug test, and if so when and how, what I mean is if they do is it a urine drug test or a saliva one? The comment won’t appear immediately, it requires approval, only useful, legit comments will be posted.

Does Dollar Tree drug test?

Update! We recieved two comments.

I have never worked for dollar tree but I did apply for a job there about six months ago. I can tell you that on the application form it asks if you are willing to undertake a drug test, yes or no. So yeah it is on their agenda, even if they don’t actually do it they are seeking permission to if they want to, so the company probably does do it sometimes.

But my personal experience is I went for a job interview at dollar tree and no drug testing was mentioned. I was offered a job and took it, and was not asked to attend for any type of drug screening. I then got a better job offer before I started and I took that instead, which ironically did need a drug test! Luckily at that time I wasn’t smoking so it was all cool.

Jake A

Second comment from someone who actually worked there.

I have worked in dollar tree for a couple of years. I gave it up a few months ago because I wanted to get back into education and had saved up enough. My experience was I was never drug tested when I went through interview for dollar tree, I never got asked to attend a drug test during the recruitment process, induction, training any time.

I heard of a couple of guys who did but that was due to accidents in the workplace, I certainly never heard of anyone who has had to have a drug test during the interview process. So unless things change dramatically my answer from experiences that these guys at dollar tree don’t drug test at interview or in normal employment circumstances, but they might if you give them reason to, because it is in the terms of employment that they can drug test if they want, which made it even more confusing for me as they never did.

Nick B

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