Does Verizon Drug Test?

Does Verizon Drug Test

Verizon are a huge telecoms company, with a reported 150,000 direct employees. So it’s little wonder the question around does Verizon drug test is a common one.

Well, there are standard practices for drug testing during employment in the USA, but they can be slightly different between companies.

So let’s take a look at when you might face a Verizon drug test, and the type of drug test Verizon usually does. I’ll then talk you through ways that you can guarantee passing a Verizon drug test.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Verizon Do?

As is common with pretty much every company, apart from the few I’ve heard of that do mouth swab testing, Verizon make you do a urine drug test.

This is when you go along to a drug test facility, go behind the screen, or into a cubicle, and basically urinate into a sample cup.

You then hand it to the technician, they test it for being a valid sample, basically temperature, and then it’s tested for the presence of drug metabolites.

When Does Verizon Drug Test?

Verizon is very similar to most companies in the USA when it comes to drug testing rules.

Unless you are very lucky, you will face a drug test during the hiring process. I’ll talk a bit more about when you might face that in a minute.

Generally, you will face a Verizon drug test during employment if you are promoted. However, that’s not universal, I’ve read a lot of people online who say they were promoted without having to take a drug test. But it’s something you need to be aware of.

I’ve also heard that if you are in an accident you will also be drug tested. However again, that is at the discretion of the manager, or personnel department, at your location.

A few people even talked about Verizon being quite compassionate when it comes to that sort of thing. If they suspect drug use, as long as you are not “off your face” on-the-job, they can opt for a quiet chat, and referral to some support is needed.

That’s the great news for people who are out of control, and it shows that they are realistic about their drug testing policy.

In terms of random drug testing, I’ve not heard, or read anything convincing to suggest that a random drug testing program is in place at Verizon. It seems only happen during pre-employment, promotion, and with reasonable suspicion.

Verizon hiring process

When Does Verizon Drug Test During Hiring?

Verizon do definitely drug test during the hiring process, well 99% of the time. I have read in online forums people claiming they never were, which could just be people slipping through the net during the hiring process.

But generally, after interviews, you will be told you are being considered. You will then have to submit a urine sample, at the same time as they do a background check on you.

If you pass the drug test, and the background check then you will be hired.

You are usually given 48 hours notice to report to a local drug testing facility to submit your sample. So you usually have at least 24 hours, usually 48 hours, to prepare for a Verizon drug test.

How To Pass A Verizon Drug Test

Now you know the answer the question: does Verizon drug test, let’s tell you how to pass one.

Because it’s a standard drug test, with notice, there are two ways you can pass. The first is submitting a fake sample, the second is to mask drug toxins using a detox drink.

  1. You can mask drug toxins using a high quality detox drink.

The brand I recommend is Ultra Eliminex. It’s high quality, the most powerful on the market today.

As long as you’ve got an hour before you have to go and submit your sample, then you can drink it, flush out the toxins through urinating a few times, and then confidently go and submit sample.

  1. You can avoid submitting a sample entirely by submitting a fake urine sample.

There are two brands I always recommend, Quick Fix and Sub Solution.

Quick Fix is perfectly adequate for a standard drug test. However it’s not quite as complex in formula as Sub Solution. Also, you have to use a heat pad, which means you need a microwave, and you have to carry it with you.

That’s not a problem for this type basic drug test, and it’s cheaper than Sub Solution.

But Sub Solution is definitely the most complex formula, able to pass pretty much any standard drug test. On top of that, it uses heat activator powder, rather than a heat pad. So it’s easy to keep the temperature within human body range right up to the moment you walk into the lab testing facility.

So now you know exactly when you might face a Verizon drug test, and you know how to pass one. Any of the three recommended products just giving you will do that job.

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