Does UPS Drug Test?

Many people going for jobs at UPS wonder does UPS drug test on first interview? On top of that, many people going for jobs wonder if UPS drug test package handlers.

One of the problems is finding exactly what the UPS drug test policy is, and does it drug test specific roles, for example does UPS drug test drivers?

The great news is I’ve done some research to find all this out for you, and on top of that I have a friend who works for UPS in the warehouse and he’s given me some information which I’m going to pass onto you here as well.

Does UPS Drug Test On First Interview?

ups drug test policyThe answer to this is no. UPS does not routinely drug test people going for first interview, or who have passed first interview.

UPS drug test policy is slightly unclear, because testing depends on the job role, location and the manager.

So it’s a little bit of a lottery as to whether you might be drug tested not, but I’ve heard nothing to suggest that you will be drug tested at interview, or after your first interview. Although for specialist roles were going to cover in a moment, that may not always be the case.

Does UPS Drug Test Drivers, Package Handlers And Warehouse Staff?

The answers this is yes, UPS does drug test drivers. They also drug test those employees who are forklift trained in the warehouse. This is 100% confirmed.

If you cause an accident as a UPS driver, or as a forklift user then you will definitely be drug tested, and you could be drug tested before you enter these roles at all.

General package handlers and warehouse staff will not generally be tested unless they cause an accident, or are hurt in an accident caused by somebody else.

But there are exceptions to the rule. My friend works in the warehouse at UPS and he was tested randomly. Not because he caused an accident or had a specialist role, but as part of a random drug test, or perhaps they suspected something and want to pretend it was random, I’m not sure.

UPS Drug Test: Don’t Get Caught Out

does ups drug testSo the bottom line here is that many roles at UPS do get drug tested, if you are in an accident you will get drugs tested and you can be caught by a random drug test as well.

Unlike Dollar tree, UPS does drug test, so it is essential that you protect yourself.

My recommendation is to always have a bottle of Sub solution synthetic urine on you. It only takes a minute to mix it up and heat it up (using the included heat activator powder), which you can do in a toilet cubicle.

You can’t buy it in response to a drug test because the drug test could be almost immediate. If you order online it could take a couple of days to arrive which could be too late.

So the bottom line with UPS drugs tests as an employee are that you could be drugs tested, and a great way to have some insurance is to always have a bottle of synthetic urine on you. Quick Fix synthetic urine (latest formula) also works, check out my synthetic urine reviews for more info.

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