Does Ulta Drug Test?

As one of the largest beauty salon chains in the country, it’s no surprise a lot of people who work at Ulta, or who want to work there, are worried about drug testing.

I’ve had a few messages myself on Facebook recently asking does Ulta drug test, and it got me wondering, because beauty isn’t usually my thing and it’s not something I’ve paid much attention to.

I asked around, and did some research and I have found out the answers you need. So if you are thinking of working at Ulta, there’s no need to get caught out by a drug test after reading this.

Does Ulta Drug Test Every Employees?

The basic rule seems to be if you are in a position of any authority, or taking one on in Ulta, then there is a chance you could be drug tested during the recruitment process.

On the job, anyone can get drug tested if there is an accident, or significant incident. But generally, I’ve found zero evidence that random drug testing takes place in stores.

So if you are a Merchandise and Service Coordinator (MSC), or higher, such as an assistant manager grade, then yes you will probably get drug tested as part of the recruitment process.

But if you are going for a job as a bottom rung store beauty associate then the answer seems to be that you won’t get tested.

What Sort Of Drug test Does Ulta Do?

Ulta seems to do only the basic unsupervised urine drug test. I have a friend who’s girlfriend works for Ulta as an MSC and she had to go for a lab drug test during the recruitment process.

I’ve read literally nothing, and my mates girlfriend asked around and found no evidence either, that Ulta do any other sort of drug testing. Now obviously it might be different if there is a significant incident at work, they might want to invest in a supervised drug test if there is money and careers on the line.

But generally, this is great news because it means that you can easily get around the drug test. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, it’s easy to do.

Ulta drug test policy

How To Pass an Ulta Drug Test

So now we know that you will be facing an unsupervised urine drug test, we know that there are two ways you can pass. The first is guaranteed as long as you don’t get caught, and the second increases your chances of passing almost to maximum.

  1. Use synthetic urine.

You will need to use a top brand such as Sub Solution or Quick Fix. Don’t look at any other brand, these are the only two that contain all the ingredients a drug test will look for, including the beacons which will highlight them as a real sample, rather than a fake one.

  1. Use a detox drink

Again, only consider using a top brand. I would recommend only Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse. By using these detox drinks a few hours before your unsupervised tests, you can make sure that you get through.

They’re obviously if you are going for a urine drug test at Ulta and you are terrified of submitting a fake sample, then a detox drink is going to be your only option, but I would thoroughly recommend that if you can submit a high quality fake sample, because it’s guaranteed to pass you.

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