Does YMCA Drug Test You?

Does YMCA drug test lifeguards

The YMCA of the USA, or Y-USA, is a huge organization covering the entire continent. With over 20,000 staff, and 600,000 volunteers, all dealing with millions of people every day, it’s no wonder that a lot of people are wondering does YMCA drug test?

Whether you want to work for the YMCA as a counselor, or a lifeguard, or a more general role, then you need to know whether recent drug use could be picked up and stop your ambitions dead in their tracks.

But it can be confusing picture, and I’m going to explain exactly why. So let’s take a detailed look at whether YMCA does drug test staff, and if so when that could happen.

The YMCA Hiring Process

Key to understanding when and how YMCA might drug test you, is understanding what the YMCA hiring process is.

The problem is that the different roles within the YMCA have different recruiting procedures. And I’ve even heard from people, and read online, that the same jobs have different procedures depending on where you are.

The problem in trying to pin down where you might be drug tested during the hiring process is that because there are lots of local associations around the country, each has their own personnel and procedures.

For example, when it comes to the possibility of answering: does the YMCA drug test lifeguards, you have to look at the different processes people talk about. Some people talk about one or more person-to-person interviews.

Other people talk about an interview it’s also practical, meaning it’s taking place in a pool. While other people talk about recruitment days where you are interviewed, do pool work, and also go through the after interview process.

does the ymca drug test

When Does YMCA Drug Test?

So answering the question about does YMCA drug test, and if so when, depends on where in the USA you are applying for a job.

But generally, you have to prepare for a YMCA drug test. Although some people online report that they weren’t drug tested, overwhelmingly, people do report a urine drug test taking place during the pre-employment process.

But not after this, it appears to be a one-off thing.

Also, it’s important to understand that YMCA does not drug test at first interview. Whether you have one interview, a practical assessment day, or a series of interviews, it’s only when they want to hire you that you will have to take that next step.

It appears that when you are offered a position, you will be asked to give the details required to do a background check, and their background check is apparently very thorough, because I assume that you will be working with vulnerable people.

You also then have to give a urine sample. This sample could be on the same day as the interview, or you could have to report to a lab within a couple of days after the interview.

Does YMCA Drug Test Lifeguards?

Yes, YMCA does drug test lifeguards, but only during the pre-employment process. I have heard from people I know, that lifeguards in the YMCA will be drug tested straight after the interview. I’ve also read online that they are sent for a drug test a couple of days after.

But the bottom line here is that if you are thinking of applying for a job as a YMCA lifeguard, then you have to be prepared for a urine drug test on the day of your interview.

As an example, I read online several examples of recruitment days. Several people would go along and do a day where they would have interviews, and practical assessments of pool work, and first-aid.

Those that were hired, were asked to give details for background checking, and crucially, submit a sample on the day.

YMCA drug test

How To Pass A YMCA Drug Test

Okay, now you know that you could face a drug test during the YMCA hiring process, let’s tell you how to pass one. You basically have three options:

  1. Detox Pills&Natural Detox

This is by far the safest way to pass a YMCA drug test, because all the drug toxins will be removed from your body before you submit a urine sample.

However, a natural detox could take two weeks, and metabolites from cannabis can stay in your system for up to 30 days, and you don’t want to lay off the weed for that long.

So what you can do to speed up a natural detox is to use a high quality product called Toxin Rid. It’s a course of detox pills, with course durations from three days through to 10 days (I wouldn’t recommend the three-day course as it’s simply not enough time to guarantee you can detox).

For the length of the course you buy, you take the Toxin Rid pills, and do a natural detox, you don’t smoke, you eat well, and you exercise, while drinking lots of water every day.

Toxin Rid will speed up the rate of elimination of toxins by about 50%, which will mean you clean your body in far less time.

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How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutes

  1. Use synthetic urine

A high quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution is a guaranteed way to pass a YMCA drug test.

You simply use the heat activator powder to get it to the right temperature, take it along with you, and when you go behind the screen for your unsupervised drug test, you can simply submit a fake sample.

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Where this could be problematic for a YMCA drug test for lifeguards, is you could be sent straight from the pool to submit a sample, mean you can’t carry synthetic urine on you.

  1. Use a detox drink

Before you go for your interview, drink a high quality detox drink like Mega Clean, Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex.

These will flush out the toxins in your bladder, and give you about a five hour window in which you can submit a clean sample.

Only use these good quality detox drinks, and remember that if you are going for a long recruitment day, you might struggle, however you will have breaks, so you could just go and drink the detox drink during the day.

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