Does Synthetic Urine Work?

As someone, who spends a lot of time toking, I used to constantly worry about taking drug tests. I knew that I would fail miserably and would likely wind up in big trouble in the long run. After many years of experiments and several failures, I turned my attention to synthetic urines. Some of my buddies were adamant that they worked, so I decided to give them a try. So, does synthetic urine work? I will provide you with the answer below!

Understanding Synthetic Urine 

First and foreDoes Synthetic Urine Workmost, I need to provide you with an explanation of fake pee for drug test. If you’re unfamiliar with synthetic urine, you’ll probably be skeptical. For many, the synthetic label can be frightening. I felt the same initially, but have come to learn that synthetic is actually a good thing in many regards. As long as the synthetic urine has been properly manufactured in a laboratory, such as is the case with Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, it can perfectly replicate the characteristics of legitimate urine.

These synthetic products contain all of the same chemicals, which will be found in your real urine, so they’ll fool the test without a bit of trouble. Therefore, it is pertinent to carefully examine each product and make sure you acquire a worthwhile and proven fake pee for drug test. I must admit though. This isn’t the only variable to consider.


How Does Synthetic Urine Work?

Although I am not Bill Nye The Science Guy, I’ve learned quite a bit about synthetic urine over the years. I know a little regarding synthetic urine and the necessary components. As mentioned above, the urine needs to be manufactured in a reliable lab and all of the key components need to be absolutely perfect. Below, you’ll find a list of ingredients, which are crucial to your overall success.

  • Creatine
  • Urea
  • Uric Acid

In order for the synthetic urine to look legitimate, it needs at least 15mg/kg of creatine per your body weight. The laboratory uses the uric acid to spot fake urine. The same can be said about urea. If neither of these chemicals is present, your urine will be spotted right away.

The Temperature Factor

When attempting to figure out does synthetic urine work, you cannot ignore the temperature factor. As a stoner, I often find myself trying to urinate in the toilet, but winding up soiling my foot or wetting my hand. If you’ve done the same, you will know immediately that urine is warm to the touch. When you purchase synthetic urine, it will be cold! In fact, it’ll be so cold that the drug screen technician will be able to detect it as a fraud right away. How does fake urine work then?

Well, you’ll need to put in a little additional effort. After much research, I’ve discovered that when real urine exits the body, it is approximately the same temperature as your body. Therefore, you’ve got to maintain the temperature of the fake urine between 97 to 98 degrees. A product, such as Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine, is a good choice, since it can be heated in the microwave. Others can work with heating pads. Either way, you’ve got to maintain the right temperature or you’ll be caught quickly.

Other Factors For Success

Now, I must tell you that there are several other things to consider. Remember that urine isn’t a colorless and odorless chemical. Instead, it tends to have a slight brownish color, which can change depending on what you drink and the amount of bud you smoke. It also needs to smell hideous. If your synthetic urine doesn’t exhibit these characteristics, the testing nurse or doctor will notice right away. However, if everything is right, the synthetic urine can prove to be effective and it’ll help you pass the test with flying colors.

Your Confidence

If you’re a dope smoker like me, you are probably well familiar with the feeling of paranoia. This can make it difficult to maintain your cool and confidence in trying situations. However, it must be done, if you want to pass the test! If I entered the test facility jittery and shaky, the employees would know right away that I was up to no good. This is why I always practice and pump myself full of confidence, before following through with it. So does synthetic urine work? Yes it does! If you do this and follow my lead, you will pass your test! There are other options though. If you are in a hurry you can try some detox drinks or detox pills for weed if you have 2 weeks before the test.

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