Does Sprint Drug Test New Employees?

Sprint Drug Policy

Sprint is the fourth-largest mobile network operator in the USA, basically it’s huge. With so many people working for them, it’s no wonder that a lot of people are wondering: does Sprint drug test?

On top of that, there has been a bit of confusion around what exactly the Sprint drug policy is.

So in this article, using my research, and contacts, I’m going to clear up the confusion, and tell you exactly when and how Sprint does drug test.

I will then tell you exactly how you can pass a Sprint drug test, meaning you never have to worry about losing your job.

What Is The Sprint Drug Policy?

From my research and contacts, the consensus is that they drug test you around 48 hours after your final interview.

Basically, they will contact you, or even tell you at the interview, that you’ve been offered a conditional job. They will then do background check, and ask you to report to a local drug testing lab, which you usually have to do within 48 hours.

The Sprint drug policy for existing employees is that they reserve the right to drug test all employees, at any time.

I’ll talk a bit more about that in a minute, but the bottom line here is that the Sprint drug policy is in line with most other American companies, in that they may require a drug test after interview, and they can drug test at any point of your employment.

So Do Sprint Drug Test At Interview?

It’s a common misconception that companies drug test at interview, or at the end of an interview that they will tell you to go off be drug tested immediately. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, I’ve never heard of it happening.

They will only pay for a drug test if they want to give you the job. At that point you will be offered a job conditionally.

So the Sprint drug test will occur within a couple of days after the interview, which does give you a some time to prepare to pass it, although the great news is it’s possible to pass it with only a few hours notice.

Does Sprint Drug Test All Employees?

Yes Sprint can drug test all employees. That doesn’t mean you will be tested, it means they reserve the right to.

I have one friend who has worked for Sprint for a couple of years, and not been drug tested other than after the interview.

However, I’ve seen plenty of evidence online, where it’s been at the opposite extreme. Literally, the drug test team walk into a branch, and conduct urine tests on the spot, on everyone working in the branch.

Now I’m guessing that’s not normal, and it might be only if they suspect there is a real problem at that branch, but it does show that it’s possible.

Does Sprint drug test

How To Pass A Sprint Drug Test

Now obviously, if they march into the branch and demand you take a urine test on the spot, then you’re screwed.

But most people will only face a sprint drug test after they have been interviewed. So you know it could be coming. That gives you a chance to prepare for it.

These pre-employment drug tests at Sprint are unsupervised urine drug tests.

So you have two ways you can pass:

  1. Use synthetic urine

A good quality synthetic urine, I recommend Sub Solution, will definitely pass you a basic urine drug test.

Sub Solution doesn’t contain biocide, a common preservative some drug testing labs now look for to spot a fake sample, and it contains all the major markers in a real sample that a lab will also check for.

On top of that, Sub Solution gives you complete control over the temperature of the sample, because it uses heat activator powder, rather than a microwaveable heat pad.

If the sample starts to cool, you simply add a little bit more activator powder, and shake it up. This gives you the ability to make sure the sample is at the correct temperature, right up until the moment you submit it.

Your second best option is Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine. It’s cheaper, only 39$  (read my review here) and also a good choice. Sub Solution costs 75$, but much safer.

  1. A good quality detox drink

You can use a detox drink to flush out the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract, replace the lost nutrients, and give you a handful of hours in which to submit a toxin free sample.

I recommend Ultra Eliminex, Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse, as these are the only three brands I found that work every single time. I use them myself, and I know friends who have passed drug tests using them as well.

Now you know that Sprint does drug test, and that the Sprint drug policy allows testing at any time, even walking in and demanding the whole branch is tested at the same time.

But as long as you don’t face that nightmare nuclear scenario, then you can simply keep some Sub Solution, or a good quality detox drink, at your home, and you will go to certainly pass a post interview drug test.

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