Does Sheetz Random Drug Test Employees

Sheetz drug test

With more than 17,000 employees, Sheetz is a big employer in many states. So it’s no wonder people are asking: does Sheetz drug test?

Well the bad news is that Sheetz definitely do drug test employees. But the good news is that you can easily pass a Sheetz drug test, if you know how.

So let’s look at the type of drug test Sheetz do, when you might be drug tested, and how you can definitely pass a Sheetz drug test every time.

What Sort Of Drug Test Will Sheetz Do?

Everything I’ve read online, and everything I’ve heard people say to me, tells me that Sheetz do urine drug testing.

I’ve done a bit of research online, and I found no evidence at all that they do mouth swab testing or anything else, it’s always urine drug testing.

That’s pretty standard. I reckon 90% of US employers do urine drug testing.

Does Sheetz Drug Test At Interview?

The bad news, if you going for job at Sheetz convenience stores, is that yes, they do drug test during the hiring process.

It’s a urine drug test, and you will be asked to submit a sample. It’s a little ambiguous as to when you submit the sample, a few people maintain they were asked to submit a sample right after the interview, but the vast majority of people say they are contacted within a week of the interview, told that they have been offered a job, and if they accept, then they consent to background checking taking place, and having to go and submit your sample.

When you submit a urine sample for a Sheetz drug test, you have 48 hours after you accept to report to a local drug testing lab.

Does Sheetz Drug Test

Does Sheetz Random Drug Test Employees?

In terms of on-the-job testing, people wonder about the question: does Sheetz random drug test.

Well, the answer that is, as always, maybe.

Pretty much every employment contract you will ever sign says the company reserves the right to drug test you. The criteria are usually random tests, promotion, or with reasonable suspicion.

So yes you could face a random drug test at Sheetz, although the evidence is that would be pretty unlucky. Again, random drug testing at Sheetz is always urine tests.

How To Pass A Sheetz Drug Test

So that you know about Sheetz drug testing procedures, and you know that it’s a urine drug test, let’s look at ways you can pass a Sheetz drug test every single time.

  1. Detox Drink

Mega clean detoxThis is the safest way to pass a Sheetz drug test, if you’re scared of submitting a fake sample. It’s not quite as guaranteed, because there is more room for error using a detox drink for drug test, but it is the safest option if you are of a nervous disposition.

I would suggest drinking Mega Clean. You can buy it with six pre-rid pills for a great price.

Mega Clean is a high-quality detox drink that you drink an hour before you go for the urine test, or your interview.

You then urinate a few times, and it will drag the toxins out of your body, giving you a few hours when your urine sample will be free of drug metabolites.

  1. Synthetic urine

How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutesThis is the most guaranteed way to ever pass a Sheetz drug test.

However, as I just said, it’s also slightly more risky, because you have to carry synthetic urine with you.

That should not be a problem, because unless it’s a drug test being administered for legal reasons, then it is against the law to be observed directly while submitting your sample.

The best synthetic urine on the market is called Sub Solution.

It’s not cheap, but it is the richest blend of chemicals, that most closely mimics real human urine. On top of that, it looks like the real thing, smells like it, and if you shake it, it froths, something a lot of synthetic urine doesn’t do.

As well as all that, it doesn’t contain biocide, a chemical additive some synthetic urine contains to preserve it. It’s rumored some drug testing labs have got wise to this and now test for the presence of biocide.

On top of all that, Sub Solution also doesn’t require a heat pad and microwave to get it to human body temperature. It uses heat activator powder.

You simply pour a bit into the urine mixture, shake it up, and after a minute it will be at the right temperature. This means you can keep it at the right temperature, right up until you submit the sample.

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