Does O’Reillys Drug Test For Employment?

Does O'Reillys Drug Test

O’Reillys is a large auto parts retailer, with a lot of staff, and a big reputation. A lot of people go for jobs at O’Reillys, which is why the question does O’Reillys drug test, is asked so frequently.

They have a ton of different jobs available, which is unsurprising considering that they have more than 5000 locations across the USA.

So let’s answer the key questions about working for O’Reillys. Do they do drug testing, when do they do it, and what sort of drug test does O’Reilly car parts do on its employees?

What Type Of Drug Test Does O’Reillys Do?

O’Reilly auto parts do urine drug testing. They used to also do mouth swab testing, but that stopped a few years ago.

I know this because I have a friend who works for them. On top of that, if you look at the job question and answer forums, unanimously, people say that it urine tests O’Reillys make you do.

That’s good news, because urine drug tests are really easy to get around, if you know how.

When Does O’Reillys Drug Test?

O’Reillys drug test during the pre-employment process. Usually, but not universally, after you are offered a job, when you accept, you will be subjected to background checking and have to take a drug test.

You are usually given 72 hours to take the drug test after being offered a position. However, I’ve also heard it can be 48 hours, but generally, you won’t get a lot of notice. Certainly not enough do a natural detox, unless you hardly touch anything.

So if you are going for an interview with O’Reillys, you need to be prepared for the fact that if you are offered the job on the spot, you could have to take a drug test within the next couple of days.

On-the-job, O’Reillys do random drug testing. But usually only for drivers, or if you have an accident, or with reasonable suspicion.

How To pass An O’Reilly Auto Parts Drug Test

Passing an O’Reilly Auto Parts urinalysis test is pretty straightforward, if you know what to do, and what to use.

Urine drug testing is always unsupervised, unless it’s for probation, so you won’t be watched closely.

So the easiest way to pass an O’Reillys drug test is to submit a fake sample of high quality synthetic urine. I generally recommend Sub Solution synthetic urine for 4 key reasons:

  • It has the most advanced formula on the market
  • It looks and smells like the real thing
  • It doesn’t contain biocide preservative, which some drug labs detect
  • Sub Solution uses heat activator powder, rather than a heat pad, making it far more accurate

If you really can’t stomach the idea of carrying a fake sample into lab and submitting it behind the screen, then the only other option you have is to use a high quality THC detox drink. A detox drink flushes out the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract, just for a few hours, while also replacing lost nutrients.

The three brands I recommend, which have the quality to flush out the toxins, replace nutrients, and give you up to 5 hours clean are:

Any three of those will do, but Ultra Eliminex has a brilliant track record at the minute, and if you can get Mega Clean with six pre-rid pills, which is a bundle only one retailer offers, and that’s also a great choice for passing an O’Reillys urine drug test.

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