Does IKEA Drug Test employees?

As a highly reputable, and significant USA employer, it’s little wonder that a lot of people going for job interviews wonder does IKEA drug test?

It’s a bit of a confusing picture to be honest, which is probably why a lot of people have asked that question around the type of IKEA drug test that happens, and when. This is especially a concern during a background check before employment.

So what’s the deal? Does IKEA drug test? If they do, when and how? If you’re going for a job interview with IKEA, how do you make sure you pass?

Does IKEA Drug Test On The First Interview?

When you go for a job at IKEA, you will go for an initial first interview. You will not be drug tested straight after an IKEA first interview.

However, if you pass that interview and they like what they see and hear, then you will be given a conditional offer of employment. This will be subject to an IKEA background check.

During the background check you will have your history looked into, and you will have to report to a drug testing lab to submit a sample for testing, usually within 48 hours.

If you pass the test you won’t get a letter or email saying “Brilliant you passed a drug test”, you will get a set of orientation papers and paperwork to sign. That’s how you know you passed.

IKEA Drug Test: Urine Or Mouth Swab?

It appears that the type of drug test you will face will depend on the store, manager and area.

Although there is a national, and international, company policy, the fact that I’ve seen and heard reports of different types of drug test in different places, seems to suggest there is some discretion.

Especially during IKEA pre-employment, you could face either type of drug test. I’m not sure about on-the-job testing, but they may have a policy of swabs being taken and sent off by senior staff, but I can’t confirm this.

But terms of testing before a job offer is finalized, you could face either a mouth swab or urine drug test, which is why you have to prepare for either.

Does IKEA Drug Test

Passing an IKEA Mouth Swab Test

If you are a light user, then you shouldn’t have too many problems. If you haven’t smoked weed or taken any other drugs for at least a week, then simply brushing your teeth several times a day, and using a standard mouthwash several times a day as well in the days leading up to the IKEA interview should be enough.

Most drug metabolites don’t stay in saliva very long. However, if you are a heavy user then potentially they could stay in your saliva for longer than that.

Whatever your situation, the cast-iron guarantee you need is to get your hands on a piece of Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

It’s not cheap, and you only get one piece, but it’s an incredibly simple way to pass an IKEA drug test.

You basically pop it in your mouth and chew it for about 30 seconds, and then swallow the capsule.

This will neutralize your saliva for around 30 minutes. So it’s perfect to take just before you have a mouth swab test, and it’s discreet, so you won’t get caught.

For more information on using saliva neutralizing gum and mouth swab drug testing generally, click here. 

How To Pass An IKEA Urine Drug Test

If you have been told to report to a lab testing facility for a urine drug test as part of the IKEA background check, then you are going to have three main choices to pass it:

Do a natural detox

This is the easiest way to pass the IKEA urine drug test. However, drug metabolites stay in your system for several weeks if you are a heavy user, and so if you have taken anything in the past couple of weeks, then unless you have a week or more until the test then it’s not an option.

Use a THC Detox Drink

A detox drink doesn’t detox you, that’s a common misconception. What it does is to flush the toxins that are loose in your bladder and urinary tract out.

At the same time the concentration of nutrients in the drink replaces the ones lost, allowing you to have a balanced and natural sample.

The best detox drinks are not cheap. The three I recommend, are:

  1. Ultra Eliminex 65$
  2. Mega Clean 69$
  3. Rescue Cleanse 55$

All three of these work really well, and I have passed tests with them myself.

How to pass an IKEA drug test

Use Synthetic Urine

The best synthetic urine is called Sub Solution. It’s the best because it has the formulation closest to real urine. It contains all the ingredients that a lab will look for to check for a genuine sample.

On top of that, Sub Solution contains a unique heat activator powder. So you don’t have to mess  with a microwave, or a heat pad, you just put in the powder, shake it, and keep adding powder until it gets the sample the correct temperature.

So you could face two types of drug test, which means you need to consider your strategy.

I would suggest that you buy Oral Clear gum, and then either Sub Solution, or one of the high quality detox drinks I’ve mentioned.

If you need it quickly, it’s best have this in stock, it will cost you about $160, but it will mean you are always prepared for any type of IKEA drug test.

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