Does Home Depot Drug Test?

The Home Depot is a huge employer in the United States, and with so many people going for interviews, getting employed, and doing jobs for the Home Depot, it’s a very common question online to ask does Home Depot drug test?

Well to answer that question straight away, yes Home Depot does drug test just like Walmart and Lowe’s. But when they do it, and how they do it is what you really need to know.

So let’s tell you exactly when and how does Home Depot drug test, what the Home Depot drug test policy actually is, and how you can pass the test if you are asked to take one.

About The Home Depot Drug Test

The Home Depot definitely drug test their employees. This is unequivocal, I’ve known people who have worked there who have been tested, and Internet forums are stuffed full of people working there who say they have had to take a drug test.

But as with so many things in the United States, when and how you are drug tested will depend on the state the home Depot store you work in is located.

So basically, there are different times, and different methods of drug test at home Depot, and it’s pretty much impossible to predict when and how you would have to take one

Which means you have to just educate yourself as much as possible, be sensible about when you are smoking weed in relation to when you have to go to work, and prepare countermeasures for when it happens.

What Is The Home Depot Drug Test Policy?

The Home Depot drug test policy is to test all new employees as part of a background check when an offer of employment has been made.

You can also be tested on the spot if you damage goods costing more than $250. This is disputed by some workers on Internet forums, but the main body of evidence seems to be that significant damage to goods in your line of work can trigger an on the spot swab test. But this could vary between store and state.

In addition, they will always test you if you have been involved in an accident at work. It doesn’t matter if you caused the accident, or just been involved in it, you will be tested. There have been reports on Internet forums of people signed off work sick because of physical mistakes they made, for example hitting themselves with something, and they were drug tested while on sick leave.

The third part of the home Depot drug test policy is if you are promoted to management level. It appears to be deputy manager level and above, not supervisor level, but if you are promoted you should be ready to get tested.

How Does Home Depot Drug Test?

If you are invited to accept a job at Home Depot, you will usually receive a simple mouth swab test. Sometimes however it appears this can also be to send you for a scheduled urine sample drug test.

Home Depot also use a mouth swab saliva drug test if you damage goods in-store or are involved in a minor accident that does not cause injury or time off. These are sent off for analysis.

If you are off work sick through an accident, or getting promoted then you will be subjected to a urine sample drug test by a lab commissioned by Home Depot.

Do Home Depot Drug Test At Interview?

Home Depot do not drug test at interview, the only drug test you if you accept an offer of employment. Acceptance will subject you to a background check process which includes drug testing.

There seems to be some dispute over whether this is a simple mouth swab test which is sent off by a Home Depot employee, or if you are sent for a scheduled urine sample test at a lab.

It appears you should be prepared for both if you accept a job offer.

Home Depot Drug Test

Ways To Pass A Home Depot Drug Test

Now you understand exactly how and when home Depot are likely to drug test you, you can put in place countermeasures to protect yourself.

If it is a mouth swab test and you know in advance about it, then:

  • Don’t smoke weed for three or four days before
  • Thoroughly brush your teeth and gums three times a day over that period
  • Use mouthwash like Listerine a couple of times a day as well

If you do not know about it, then if you get the chance, you can pop a capsule of Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum in your mouth for 30 seconds to swallow it. This will clear your saliva of toxins for about 30 minutes, giving you a fighting chance.

If it is a urine sample test, then the great news is that the evidence suggests they are unsupervised tests, which means:

  • Order a bottle of Sub Solution or Quick Fix synthetic urine
  • Make sure it’s at body temperature and strapped your body
  • Submit the fake sample by expelling into the testing cup

Protect yourself by only using Sub Solution or Quick Fix because these are high quality fake urine products which contain all the right ingredients such as urea to pass a lab testing.

You can buy both of these synthetic urine products quickly from a view high quality online stores. They only take a few days to arrive, so if you are thinking of getting a job at Home Depot, or already have one, then you should be ordering a couple of bottles right now and keeping them on standby.

Most fake urine products will last for a year or so, so there’s just no excuse to not protect yourself by having a couple of bottles in stock ready to use at short notice should you need to.

So now you know exactly how to pass a home Depot drug test, and have all the information you need to never get caught out and never risk losing your job just because you like the odd smoke.

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