Does Goodwill Drug Test For Employment? [2020]

GoodWill drug testing policy

Goodwill are a huge organization in the USA, with different regional organizations. That’s why the question around does Goodwill drug test is difficult to answer.

Each regional center has different ideas about whether Goodwill employees should be drug tested, whether they are new, or already employed.

But there are trends which you can follow to work out the answers to the common questions. For example, in answering the question around does Goodwill drug test for employment.

The answer is yes they should, but no they don’t always.

So let’s look in detail around the subject of the Goodwill drug test, and how you can pass one if you are asked to submit a urine or saliva sample.

Does Goodwill Drug Test At Interview?

If you look online at reputable sites, you will see a mix of answers people who went for interviews. Some people say Goodwill does drug test interview, others say they don’t.

I think some of the confusion is people are really asking if they will be required to submit a sample at the end of the interview.

That’s not the case. What actually happens is that if you are offered conditional employment, then you will have to go to a specialist lab to submit a sample, usually within 48 hours of notification.

It doesn’t happen in every location, that’s certain. I’ve seen far too many people online saying they were never drug tested during the interview process, or any time during their employment with Goodwill.

However, just take a look at the wording from the Goodwill employment Handbook regarding the employment process:

“This may include a drug screen, criminal background check, verification of work history, academic credentials, licenses, personal references, and/or certifications.”

So unequivocally, yes Goodwill does drug test at interview, or at least reserves the right to, so you have to prepare as if you are going to have one.

Does Goodwill Drug Test For Employment

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Goodwill Use?

People report that the kind of drug testing Goodwill use is primarily a urine sample. This is especially true for pre-employment.

On-the-job, if you are in an accident, in some locations you could have a mouth swab taken by a senior manager, or you could be sent to a central lab for either a mouth swab or urine test.

So in terms of passing a Goodwill drug test, you have to be prepared to take and pass a mouth swab or urine test at short notice.

How To Pass A Goodwill Drug Test

When it comes to learning what kind of drug test goodwill use, and how to pass it, you have the following options:

Stop smoking and do a detox

You could just abstain, stay healthy, and let the metabolites work their way out of your system naturally. However, to do a proper natural detox takes a couple of weeks, especially if you are a weed smoker.

In urine, metabolites from drugs can be there for around a week (THC can be found for several weeks), and in saliva up to a handful of days, so naturally detoxing if you are going to be submitting a sample in the next 48 hours is not a great strategy.

Use a detox drink

A detox drink will flush the toxins out of your system temporarily, for a window of around five hours, while simultaneously replacing the nutrients lost during that process.

The three detox drinks I recommend because of their quality, and track record with working with me and people I know, are: Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse.

None of these are cheap:

But within an hour of drinking them, you will have about five hours to submit a clean urine sample.

They really are a great option and something you should buy right now to keep in stock for the day you need to use them.

How to pass a Goodwill drug test

Use synthetic urine

If you want to be guaranteed to submit a clean sample then submitting a sample of synthetic urine is your only 100% guaranteed option.

The absolute best brand out there is called Sub Solution, closely followed by Quick Fix. Either of these will be good enough to get you through a basic pre-employment urine test with Goodwill.

Sub Solution is probably the best formula, and definitely has the best heating method. It doesn’t use a heat pad a microwave, uses a patented heat activator powder.

You just pour some in, shake it up, and it agitates the sample to the correct temperature. It gives you granular control right up to the moment you walk into the testing lab.

For more info on Sub Solution click here, for Quick Fix here.

Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum

If you are up for a mouth swab test then you really only have one choice. It’s called Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

You chew a capsule for about 30 seconds, then you swallow what’s left. It will neutralize your saliva for up to 30 minutes.

So if you are told you are going to have a saliva test, you can just pop into your mouth a few moments before you submit your sample, when nobody is looking, or just before you go to the lab, and your sample will be clean.

You can buy Oral Clear gum from their official webshop.

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