Does Geico Drug Test?

Does Geico Drug Test

Geico (Government Employees Insurance Company) employ a lot of people in the USA, so with high staff turnover it’s no wonder a lot of people are going for interviews and wondering does Geico drug test?

Now I have to say I can’t work out why the hell anybody would want to work for this company. You can’t have tattoos or piercings on display, they have a strict dress code, and their personnel policies are like something out of the 1850’s.

On top of that, the Geico background check is incredibly invasive, and if you’ve had a misdemeanor in the past decade then you can forget being employed.

Likewise, if you have a poor credit rating they will not hire you. To me that’s like WTF has got to do with them?

But hey, if you want to work for them, then you need to know how does Geico drug test, and what kind of drug test does Geico do.

So let’s get you educated so you don’t fall foul of this incredibly conservative company.

Does Geico Drug Test Employees?

Yes Geico does drug test, and unlike almost every other employer I’ve ever heard of, they do a hair follicle drug test during the employment process.

Basically, you have one or two interviews, depending on the level of position. At the end of this interview process, literally on the spot, you will be offered a conditional position.

If you agree, you are either sent off immediately to a facility to have a hair sample taken, or a qualified person who is present will take it there and then.

So you have to understand that firstly it’s a hair follicle drug test, and secondly it’s taken on the spot, you don’t get a chance to do anything about it, no chance to prepare, wash your hair, nothing.

Does Geico Drug Test Only During Background Checking

The good news is that consensus appears to be that Geico only drug test you once, during the recruitment process. They don’t seem to drug test on-the-job, unless they have an incredibly good reason too.

Hair follicle drug testing is expensive. It appears to me that the Geico drug test strategy is simple.

Does Geico hair drug test?

Yes they do, but only once. It appears they pay a lot of money for new employees drug testing, to make sure you’ve got a three month clean history.

I’m guessing that if you have been clean for three months, then there is a strong probability that you are always clean and won’t be a problem in the future. That’s why they seem to invest a lot more in drug checking during employment than any other company I’ve heard of.

That theory is backed up by the depth of their background check. If you had a misdemeanor in the past decade they won’t employ you.

They won’t employ you if you got, or had, a poor credit rating, they look education, family history, everything. It’s incredibly invasive, and I for one think it’s incompatible with the society we live in. But hey, that’s just me.

geico hair drug test

How To Pass A Geico Hair Follicle Drug Test

So now you know that Geico does drug test, and you know that the kind of drug test Geico does is a hair follicle test, you have the following solutions:

1.The Jerry G Method

This method is cheap, which is great news, and it can work some of the time, which is also great news.

However, it’s incredibly invasive. You will damage your hair. You will damage your scalp. Maybe permanently.

On top of that, you have to do it several times per day for a week leading up to the hair follicle drug test.

When you know that they will only take the hair follicle if you pass your interview and get offered a job, that’s a hell of an investment, and potentially permanently ruined hair, to maybe get a job.

For detailed review of the Jerry G method, click here.

  1. The Macujo Method

The great news is that this works 100% if done properly. The bad news is that it’s not cheap. But it won’t ruin your hair, and it’s far less invasive.

You can read a full set of instructions I wrote about the Macujo method by clicking here, but basically it consists of several stages of washing the hair, that mixes household ingredients and professional drug removal products to thoroughly clean the hair.

The thing is, to clean hair, you have to open up the strands of the hair, the hard scales, flush out the toxins, and then close the scales up again. You can only do this using specific ingredients.

In terms of professional ingredients, you will need the original formula Aloe Rid detox shampoo, which is only available from testclear.  Nothing else will work like this, it’s an essential part the process.

At the end of the Macujo method you will also need to wash your hair with Zydot Ultra Clean just before you go for the interview, to make sure that all the toxins loose around your hair are definitely removed.

As well as these key ingredients you will need high quality white vinegar, Clean & Clear Pink shampoo, and Tide detergent.

Geico do drug test, and it’s a hair follicle test, and it’s the hardest type to pass. But using the Macujo method you can pass the recruitment process and get that job at Geico.

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