Does Gamestop Drug Test?

Gamestop is a huge employer, with a predominantly young workforce, who might be partial to the odd smoke or party night  So it’s no surprise that a lot of people applying for jobs there are asking does Gamestop drug test?

The problem with such a simple question is that as usual the answer actually isn’t that straightforward.

The basic answer is yes. But in line with almost every other big company out there, it’s surprisingly difficult to pin down exactly when, why and how they test for drug use. Perhaps that’s deliberate.

So I’ve been talking to people, doing some research and getting to the bottom of this because it frustrates me. I’m happy to say I think I have cracked it, and I can now tell you exactly when you are likely to be tested by Gamestop, and how.

Does Gamestop Background Check?

I’ve received like 20 emails and messages on Facebook asking me which Gamestop stores drug test and which don’t.

Because of the way the company is structured, you can’t really answer that question with a simple answer.

The bottom line here is that Gamestop stores should do a background check. But often, it appears from information I’m getting, that the background check isn’t thorough and often does not include a urine drug test.

Some people have also said they were drug tested during the hiring process, but are a bit vague as to where in that process it happened. I think you have to assume that you are going to be subjected to a background check that includes a drug test.

The other point I would make here is if you are applying for a management position as a new employee, then you are definitely going to face a drug test. When they are going to invest more time, effort and money in your training and wage, they are going to want to check up on you a bit more.

Do Gamestop Drug Test On First Interview?

The great news here is I have found no evidence at all that Gamestop drug test on first interview. The first interview is just a preliminary one to “weed out” (excuse the joke) the people who are not suitable.

It’s only when you get past the second round of interviews successfully that you will possibly get a background check done.

So if you are going for your first interview at Gamestop soon don’t worry, you are not going to be asked to submit a sample after the interview.

does gamestop drug test

Gamestop Drug Test:  What Type Is It?

Gamestop is a retailer with tight margins. They simply do not have the resources to invest in drug testing of high quality with every single person who starts a job there.

Although it might be more thorough if you are going for a management position, or if you are involved in something serious, all the evidence I’m hearing is that you are subjected only to a cheap five panel urine drug test.

So they are only looking for the five main basic drug types, amphetamines, cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates and phencyclidine.

On top of that, the great news is that every single test is unsupervised. You just go into a room on your own and submit your sample, then you hand it to them and walk out. So you not going to be seen if you do something dodgy.

I think the bottom line here is that retailers are looking for the cheapest and easiest drug testing policy, and individual stores may or may not stick to them. They don’t want spend much money on it, and I suspect they don’t want you to fail if you appear to be a good candidate for the job, because they need the best workers they can get.

When Does Gamestop Drug Test Existing Employees?

  • If you already work for Gamestop then there are certain circumstances when you will potentially face a drug test.
  • If you are involved in an accident at work, or in company time, you will be asked to take a drug test.
  • If you are internally promoted, again, you will almost certainly face a drug test as part of the promotion process.

The bottom line here is that Gamestop company policy says that they reserve the right to drug test all employees. It’s written into employee contracts, and that means that you could also face random drug testing. It could be completely random, or it could be based on suspicions.

Gamestop drug test policy

How To Beat A Gamestop Drug Test

The great news is about the question does Gamestop drug test, is that we know the key piece of information.

It doesn’t actually really matter when they drug test, but it matters how they drug test. And we already know that it’s a cheap, five panel urine drug test that is submitted unsupervised.

This gives us the opportunity to employee solid countermeasures to make sure that the opportunity to get that job (or keep it) isn’t lost.

You have two options if you want to pass a Gamestop drug test:

  1. Synthetic urine

A high quality synthetic urine is the easiest way to pass a drug test, because you can be sure the sample is not going to contain any toxins.

You should only use a high quality synthetic urine, such as Sub Solution or Quick Fix  if you are on tight budget (latest formula).

Both of these brands of synthetic urine come with their own means of heating them to the correct temperature as well, either by powder that heats it, or heat pads. So you can be confident of passing because the sample would be the right temperature, and contain all the right ingredients that the lab will check for.

  1. Detox drinks

If you are not confident with strapping fake urine to you and submitting the sample without dripping it all over the floor, making a mess, or getting found out, then you are going to need to turn up at the lab clean.

Other than several weeks absence, your only strategy is going to be drinking a high quality detox drink a few hours before you submit your sample. This will mask the toxins for just long enough to submit a clear sample. Obviously you need to stop taking any drugs while you doing this, preferably for a few days before.

I’m going to recommend you only spend decent money to get a decent detox drink.

Rescue Cleanse 32oz is going to cost you $50, but it’s going to be a great investment if it gets you through a drug test at Gamestop.

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