Does FedEx Drug Test? | How To Pass a FedEx Drug Test

I have seen this question asked a lot on various Internet drug forums, and I’ve also seen completely different answers to the simple question does FedEx drug test?

Most people seem to say that they do do drug testing, just like UPS ,while others say it’s very rare. I found it really confusing that such a large company could create such a different range of answers to the simple question about whether FedEx tests for drugs.

I’ve done quite a lot of research and talked to some people I know to see if I can find out the truth. I think you’ll be interested with the results, and hopefully they will help you.

Basically, I’m going to give you the information you need to know when you might get a FedEx drug test, and what you can use to pass it every single time.

What Is The FedEx Employee Drug Policy?

There is a lot of confusion about what the official FedEx employee drug policy is, you will get a lot of different answers depending on where you asked the question.  I guess for obvious reasons, that policy does not appear to be viewable online, even though other FedEx policies are.

But looking at people who seem to give clear answers and who also claim they are current or recent employees, it appears that FedEx do drug test all employees at various times.

However, where this may get cloudy is where you work for FedEx. Some states seem to have slightly different rules, but I’m dubious that a company like FedEx would have any sort of regional policies for something like drug testing.FedEx drug test

FedEx Drug Test:  When Do They Test?

I’ve talked to a few people who I know, and I put together the best responses I can from the Internet, and it appears to be the case that FedEx does drug test all employees, and specifically in these situations:

  • During the background check process in initial employment
  • If you are involved in an accident
  • If you are promoted
  • Random drug testing

So it appears that there is a pretty comprehensive and serious drug test policy in place for FedEx. It would certainly be stupidly naive to be a heavy smoker and work for FedEx without taking precautions.

Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers?

This question has been asked a lot, and I think the answer to whether FedEx does drug test package handlers or not, is yes they do, and it could also be as part of random drug testing.

Some people say it’s only drivers who get random urine drug testing done, but other evidence suggests it’s everyone.

If you are a package handler at FedEx I think you have to be ready for a random drug test, and you will definitely be asked to submit to one if you are in an accident.

Some evidence points to it being a urine test, which is always unsupervised if done by FedEx management, but other anecdotal evidence says it can sometimes be a mouth swab test as well.

Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers

Evidence From People Working At FedEx

As a specific example of my research to put together this information for you guys, I spoke to my sister’s boyfriend who works at FedEx.

He told me that they do drug test package handlers as well, definitely when they are first employed, and if they are in an accident in the workplace, but also randomly.

He did say that it is always a urine drug test that is taken. That could be the case, but as I have just said previously, other people have said it is a mouth swab test, which could be more practical if there has just been an accident.

But his evidence is that he was drug tested during initial employment screening, and once randomly six months later, both of which were unsupervised urine drug test samples. Both times he used synthetic urine to get through these tests and passed both times.Does Fedex drug test

How To Pass a FedEx Urine Drug Test

So it looks like you’ve got to be prepared to take a urine sample drug test if you work for FedEx.

My sister’s boyfriend says that his tests were unsupervised. This seems to be backed up by people on Internet forums, so it looks like you stand a great chance of getting through a FedEx drug test if you are prepared for it to happen.

You will need to buy a bottle of high quality synthetic urine. You will need to keep this discreetly at the workplace, preferably in a locker or bag, so that you can get to it quickly. Don’t keep it in your car, because I reckon the chances of them letting you wander off outside are pretty slim.

The only brand I can recommend for this sort of rapid reaction is Sub Solution. The reason is that you have to submit your sample at the correct temperature, even if it’s unsupervised.

Sub Solution comes with heat activation powder which brings the fake urine up to the correct temperature in less than a minute. There’s no microwaving, no holding against the body, it’s almost instantaneous. Which makes it perfect when you only have a few moments.

All you have to do is put it in the bottle, get it at the right temperature and then quickly strap it into your underwear and you’re ready to go. Because it’s unsupervised, there will be no problem submitting a sample.

You could try a detox drink for a pre-employment drug test, because you will have time to prepare. You just won’t have the opportunity to drink the detox drink and then have an hours wait for it to start working if it’s a random test though.

What if it’s a Swab test?

If you have an upcoming saliva drug test simply do not use drugs for 2-3 days, brush your teeth and gum a couple of times every day and use Listerine. Doing this simple process will clean your saliva within 2-3 days guaranteed.

For random saliva testing I recommend Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum. This piece of gum begins to work within 30 seconds and clears your saliva for up to 30 minutes. Its small, easy to hide in your pocket, perfect for random drug tests. You can read my review here.

oral clear gum review

FedEx Drug Test: Conclusion

So there you go, the bottom line is that FedEx does do drug testing, and it overwhelmingly seems to be unsupervised urine drug testing or sometimes mouth swab testing that they do.

Which makes it vital that you order yourself a bottle of the only fake urine out there that contains all the right ingredients to pass a drug test, and can also be heated to the right temperature in seconds.



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