Does Family Dollar Drug Test?

family dollar drug test

With 60,000 employees, and 8000 stores, Family Dollar is a big employer in the USA. So it’s no surprise that loads of people are asking the question: does Family Dollar drug test?

Most companies in the USA have strict drug testing policies, but sometimes they fail to act on these, and sometimes they are not totally predictable.

But Family Dollar is predictable, and slightly unusual in one of the ways it administers its drug tests.

So let’s take a look at the Family Dollar drug testing policy, work out when you might get tested there, and tell you how to pass a Family Dollar drug test.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Family Dollar Do?

I’ve researched this really thoroughly, and spoken to a few people who work at Family Dollar. I have a friend who works there, and I chatted to workers in a local store I go shopping in occasionally, to get the reality of how often they have been drug tested.

Online, and in conversations, the only type of drug test I heard being administered by Family Dollar is a urine test.

So the bottom line is that the Family Dollar drug test is a urine sample.

Does Family Dollar Drug Test At Interview?

This is the important difference between Family Dollar and most other US employers I have knowledge of.

The normal thing is for you to be offered a position, and if you accept, you are then usually given 48 hours to report to a local drug testing facility, to submit a sample.

But overwhelming with Family Dollar, people report that they are offered a position at the end of the interview, and are then asked to submit the sample right then.

Many people stated it was done right there in the store, on the premises where they were interviewed.

So this is something to look out for.

Sure, other people say that they were sent to the local Lab Corp, with 24 hours notice, but overwhelmingly in my research and conversations, people submitted a a urine sample right there and then in the store they were interviewed at.

Does Family Dollar Drug Test On The Spot?

So the answer to the question, does Family Dollar drug test on the spot, is during the interview process they basically can.

Although it’s not tested on the spot, the sample sometimes has to be submitted on the spot, right there at the end of the interview. But only if you are offered a position.

The only other times you could be asked to submit a sample on the spot, or generally, during employment by Family Dollar, is during advancement, or if there is a serious accident.

However, online, and amongst a handful of staff I spoke to, this seems rare on-the-job. Some people report working at Family Dollar for literally 10 years, and never having an on-the-job drug test.

Does Family Dollar Drug Test

How To Pass A Family Dollar Drug Test

When it comes to knowing how to pass a Family Dollar drug test, you now know it’s a urine sample test, which gives you to surefire options for passing every time.

The first option, the most powerful, and easiest, is to submit a sample of high quality synthetic urine.

For this first option, I recommend Sub Solution.

The reason I recommend Sub Solution is that it is the highest quality fake urine out there. It looks and smells like the real thing, a complex chemical formula that mimics real urine, and it doesn’t contain an artificial preservative called biocide, which Lab Corp are rumored to test for the presence of.

On top of that, it doesn’t use a clumsy heatpad to keep it at human body temperature. Sub Solution comes with heat activator powder, making it discreet and quick to keep the sample at the right temperature, right up to the moment you submit it.

The second option, if you aren’t brave enough to submit a fake urine sample, is to use a high quality detox drink.

A high quality detox drink will flush out the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract, and replace the nutrients lost in that process. This will give you a small window of opportunity, usually around three hours, during which your urine sample will be clean of toxins.

Probably the best detox drink on the market right now, the most complex modern formula, is Ultra Eliminex. It’s simple to use. You drink it an hour before you leave, urinate frequently, then go and submit your sample.

Both Ultra Eliminex, or sub solution, are excellent, guaranteed ways of passing a family dollar drug test. Neither is cheap, but they are affordable, and worth investing in if you are going for a job interview at Family Dollar.

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