Does Dollar General Drug Test For Employment?

Dollar General Drug Test

Dollar General is a huge variety chain store in the USA, and like most of these mass employers of low-grade workers, people wonder about the question: does Dollar General drug test for employment?

Well, although the picture can sometimes be confusing, I’m going to create clarity here, because Dollar General basically follow the same drug testing processes as other companies who hire low-wage employees.

So let’s take a look at the Dollar General hiring process, the type of drug test Dollar General could do, and also how you can pass a Dollar General drug test if you are ever asked to take one.

Does Dollar General Drug Test At Interview

Although the Dollar General hiring process is quite straightforward, and in line with most other companies, information around background checks and drug testing is always slightly confused, even if you hear directly from people you know who work there. This is because the company policy isn’t always followed in all locations.

If you’re applying for a management position, you could face multiple interviews, and almost definitely you’ll face a background check and drug test, but it’s not that clear-cut for your standard workers.

You will generally have one interview, and then be offered a position either at the end of the interview, or a few days later. If you accept, you will only get the job if you pass a background check and drug testing, if they do it.

A lot of people say they didn’t get drug tested, even if they were background checked. So you may never get drug tested during the interview process at Dollar General, but there again you have to prepare for the fact in some locations you will definitely face a pre-employment drug test.

What Type Of Drug Test Could Dollar General Do?

Dollar General do urine drug testing, where they do a drug test at all.

These are quite easy to pass, as long as you are prepared. Basically, you go along and submit a sample at a local lab. If you are being tested pre-employment, you will get a couple of days notice for this.

On-the-job, you may not get much notice at all, although being tested on-the-job is rare.

Does Dollar General Drug Test

Does Dollar General Test Existing Employees?

As I just said, it’s rare, but Dollar General can test existing employees for the presence of drugs.

Usually it’s only for suspicion. So if you turn up smashed, you could be asked to go and submit a urine sample straight away.

But generally, existing employees are only tested for internal promotions, with suspicion, or possibly for key-holder positions.

How To Pass A Dollar General Drug Test

So now you know a bit more about the Dollar General drug test possibilities. You know that it will be a urine test, and you will probably get a couple of days notice, but you might not.

This gives you the following options to pass a Dollar General drug test:

  1. You can use synthetic urine, which is the most guaranteed way to pass a dollar general drug test. I would recommend you only use one of the two best brands, either Sub Solution or Quick Fix.

You simply heat the sample up, smuggle it into the drug test (you won’t be body searched), and submit it behind the screen, or in a cubicle you are sent to.

I’d recommend Sub Solution over Quick Fix, even though it’s more expensive. It’s the most complex formula that mimics human urine the closest, and it uses heat activator powder rather than a heat pad, which is more controllable.

  1. The second way to pass a dollar general drug test is to use drug detox drink like Ultra Eliminex, or Mega Clean. You simply drink one of these high-quality detox drinks, and in the hour afterwards urinate a couple of times, and it will flush out all the toxins.

A good quality detox drink will also then replace the lost nutrients so your sample stays valid.

A detox drink is your only chance if you are asked to take a drug test with no notice. As long as you have an hour, basically taking an hour to get to the lab, then you stand a chance of passing.

  1. You can do an accelerated natural detox. You will have to buy some Toxin Rid detox pills, which are course of pills that can speed up the elimination of toxins by up to 50%. But you will need at least five days of natural detox plus Toxin Rid pills to guarantee eliminating all the toxins from your body.

So using Toxin Rid pills is only an option if you have at least five days before a potential Dollar General drug test, making it a strategy you can only employ if you are going for an interview in at least five days time.

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