Does Cracker Barrel Drug Test?

I get loads of emails and messages on Facebook asking me questions about companies drug testing policies.

Someone who reads this site asked me does Cracker Barrel drug test new employees? They wanted to know what the drug test policy was as they were going for a job there soon and didn’t want to be caught out as they like to have the odd smoke.

I wasn’t sure, so I posted on my Facebook group and did a bit of research to find out how and when Cracker Barrel are likely to ask you to take a drug test.

Having found out, I decided it would be a great idea to share it here so that nobody gets caught out.

Does Cracker Barrel Drug Test At The First Interview?

Cracker Barrel don’t drug test anyone who comes for their first interview. However, if you are offered a job then you will go through a screening process, where a background check will be done and you will sign authorization for a urine drug test.

You will be given a time and date and you will then go and submit your sample. However, some people are reporting that this doesn’t always happen. So there may be some management discretion in each location as to whether new entry-level employees have to take a drug test.

But generally, if you are going for an interview at Cracker Barrel, then you should be aware you will probably be asked to submit a urine sample if you are offered a job.

When Cracker Barrel Do Drug Test

As an employee, there are two situations where you will 100% be asked to take a drug test:

  1. If you are promoted/recruited in a management position
  2. If you are involved in an accident

It doesn’t matter if you caused the accident, were the victim of one, or how serious it is, if it is a recordable accident involving time off or significant injury, then you will be asked to do a urine drug test.

Does Cracker Barrel drug test

How To Pass A Cracker Barrel Drug Test

The great news is that it appears a Cracker Barrel urine test is not supervised.

Although you will be sent to a professional testing clinic, they are not going to literally been looking at your dick, or asking you to take your clothes off and put a robe on, or anything else intrusive that could bust you if you are trying to submit a fake sample.

So the obvious solution to the problem is to buy high quality synthetic urine, strap it to you, and submit that as your sample.

You will need to use high quality synthetic urine like Quick Fix or Sub Solution. These are both great options as they contain all the ingredients natural piss does, and they give you options for heating them to body temperature, which is vital.

If you feel strapping synthetic urine to your body is too high risk, then your other option is to use a detox drink. But you will need to plan ahead.

You can buy a bottle of Rescue Cleanse 32oz for $50 (read my review here). Then all you have to do is not smoke for a couple of days before the test, and drink the bottle of Rescue Cleanse a couple of hours before you take the test. Then you should pass a test guaranteed.

Whether you submit a fake urine sample, or go down the detox drink route, you should be aware that it’s going to take several days to get an order shipped to you, so make sure you have this stuff in stock if you are going for a job interview at Cracker Barrel, or if you are an existing employee.

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