Does Bank Of America Drug Test For Employment?

Does Bank Of America Drug Test For Employment

Bank of America is a big employer, which is why so many people are wondering: does Bank of America drug test?

I’m actually quite close to this, because I’ve also got a brother in Minnesota, who works for Bank of America.

So I thought I would write a post here explain about the Bank of America hiring process, the Bank of America drug testing policy, and also tell you how you can pass a Bank of America drug test, should you ever be in the position of employment with them.

The Bank Of America Hiring Process

In common with most big companies in America, the hiring process can contain background checking and drug testing.

Also, the Bank of America hiring process has much in common with other companies, in that it can vary between state. There appears to be no unified drug testing policy that is adhered to across the entire country.

Basically, the Bank of America hiring process is that you will have one or more interviews, depending on the level of job you are going for.

At the end of those interviews, they will offer you a position conditionally, subject to background checking and possibly drug testing.

If you fail the background check or the drug test, then they reserve the right to withdraw the offer of employment.

Does Bank Of America Drug Test For Employment? | BOA Drug Testing Policy 2018

My brother told me that the Bank of America drug testing policy is that you can be tested during interview, and also randomly during employment.

However, interestingly, my brother told me that he was not tested when he was hired by Bank of America. This confirms my suspicion that it’s state specific, even job specific, or perhaps even about suspicion of you as a person during interview.

So generally, the Bank of America drug testing policy allows them to drug test you any time while you are employed by the company. This doesn’t mean at home, it means when you are on company time.

Does Bank of america drug test

What Type Of Bank America Drug Test?

Thankfully, it appears that Bank of America drug test using urine drug tests only.

I say thankfully, because they are easy to pass, and especially easy, as the feedback I’ve had from my brother, and online, is that they are unsupervised drug test.

I suspect that during the hiring process this is especially true, and only if you were drug tested under suspicion during employment, would it potentially be an observed drug test.

The truth is, that despite all the fear out there, nearly all basic employment drug tests are done by local lab.

They are cheap tests, that are unsupervised, and it’s only the things like the military, government jobs, driving jobs, where you could potentially face a more rigorous drug test.

Easiest Ways To Pass A Bank Of America Drug Test

So now you know the answer to does Bank of America drug test, and you know the Bank of America drug testing policy both during the hiring process, and on-the-job, then you can be pretty pleased you can easily pass it.

In order to pass a Bank of America drug test, you simply need to submit a fake sample. You can do this because the drug test will be unsupervised. Nobody is going to watch you.

Now before you panic, my recommended brand is Sub Solution. I’ve used several times, and it works like a dream, and it has for my friends as well.

It contains all the key ingredients of human urine, and also doesn’t include some of the preservatives that drug testing labs are beginning to look for. It your best chance of submitting a fake sample that will pass.

On top of that, Sub Solution has a unique heat activator powder. Rather than using a heat pad and microwave, you just put the powder in the sample, and agitate it, and it heats the sample up.

This gives you granular control over the heat of your sample, right up to the moment you submit it, meaning you will never be caught out.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutes

You can read more about synthetic urine here.

If you not brave enough to use synthetic urine, then a high quality THC detox drink will flush the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract for just long enough to submit a sample (usually about five hours clear).

My recommended drinks, but I’ve had success with, and have written reviews about, are Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex.

So if you’re worrying about a Bank of America drug test, you really don’t have to, synthetic urine, or high quality detox drink will help you to pass a drug test with them every time.

You can even double up if you’re worried you might have a supervised test. Take the fake sample along, and also drink the detox drink before you go, that way you know you are covered, and have options when you get there.

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