How To Pass An Autozone Pre-Employment Drug Test

Quite a few people have asked me: does AutoZone drug test? Most of those people have been on Facebook, and have asked because they’re going for a job there.

Perhaps AutoZone having a recruitment drive at the minute, because there have been so many recently, that I thought a better look into AutoZone drug testing a bit more.

I was actually quite surprised to learn that AutoZone has over 6000 stores across the USA. That’s huge, which means it’s no surprise that tens of thousands of people are going for jobs there, or already work there.

All of those people are subject to the AutoZone drug policy, so it’s a big question, that deserves proper answer.

So what is the AutoZone drug policy? Does AutoZone do pre-employment drug testing, or does it only test existing employees?

What Is The Autozone Drug Policy?

As with most companies in the USA, AutoZone reserve the right to drug test employees. The AutoZone drug policy says that they reserve the right to test employees at any time.

If you are a driver, delivering parts for example, then you stand a higher chance of being drug tested on-the-job. If you are in an accident, then you are guaranteed be drug tested.

For other positions, on-the-job, it’s mostly managers that would be drug tested. Although, with just cause, any employee is likely to face a drug test.

However, having said it’s likely under the AutoZone drug policy, there are lots of people online who work for AutoZone who say they have never had a drug test on-the-job. But what about during the employment process?

Expect A Drug Test During The Autozone Hiring Process

More concerning for you as a weed smoker or drug user, is that you can expect to go for a drug test during the AutoZone hiring process.

During the AutoZone hiring process they definitely do a background check. They also check to make sure you’ve got a clean driving license. They do that for every potential new employee, so I’m guessing it’s because employees might have to drive as part of the job.

A few people online, and one guy I know, said that they were employed by AutoZone and didn’t face a drug test of any sort during the hiring process.

The overwhelming majority of people I’ve talked to, including a close friend, and reading online about AutoZone drug testing, say that they did have to take a drug test before they were given the job.

Does Autozone drug test

How To Pass An Autozone Pre-Employment Drug Test

The great news is that it is pretty easy to pass an AutoZone pre-employment drug test. The reason is that it’s a standard, low-grade urine drug test.

These are pretty easy to fool, as long as you know exactly how to do it:

  1. Pass an AutoZone drug test using synthetic urine

The absolute best way to pass an AutoZone drug test at any time is to use synthetic urine.

The pre-employment AutoZone drug test is unsupervised. So all you have to do is turn up at the lab, go behind the screen, and submit your sample. As long as you are not stupid, you can just discreetly submit a fake urine.

The best brand out there is called Sub Solution. It contains all the key natural markers like urea and uric acid, that a lab will look for in a genuine sample.

On top of that, Sub Solution also doesn’t contain an artificial preservatives called biocide, which it’s rumored some labs are starting to look for the presence of.

And finally, Sub Solution contains heat activator powder, rather than requiring heating by a microwaveable heat pad. This gives you close control over your sample temperature, meaning you less likely to get caught out by having your sample rejected for being too cold or hot.

  1. Pass an AutoZone drug test using a detox drink

The second way to get through the AutoZone hiring process is to drink a high quality detox drink before you go and submit your sample.

There are only three really good quality detox drinks I would ever rely on: Rescue Cleanse

Mega Clean, and Ultra Eliminex.

You simply drink the detox drink a couple of hours before you have to submit your sample, urinate a few times, and you will be free of toxins for about five hours.

A detox drink doesn’t actually flush toxins out of your bloodstream. What it does is it flushes the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract, and at the same time it replaces the nutrients and creatine that have been flushed out with the toxins.

So you get about five hours to submit a clean sample, giving you the chance to pass an AutoZone drug test during their hiring process.

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