Does Amazon Drug Test For Weed? [Everything You Need To Know]

Amazon are a huge employer in several countries, so as a weed smoker or drug user, knowledge about the Amazon drug testing policy is crucial, if you want to work for them, or currently do work for Amazon.

One of the key questions is does Amazon drug test for weed? Well, it’s only one question amongst several relating to Amazon drug testing.

For example, what happens with a failed Amazon drug test, does Amazon do a mouth swab drug test, and do Amazon drug test at interview?

With so many questions, and so many people in danger of failing Amazon drug tests, I thought was time to give you the lowdown on exactly how and when Amazon does drug test.

What Is The Amazon Drug Testing Policy?

Unfortunately, getting hold of the Amazon drug testing policy is pretty tough. In fact, a lot of employees don’t even get a copy of the contract they have to sign, which is pretty concerning.

But basically, from people I know who have worked for Amazon, and looking at the consensus online, plus reading expose articles from journalists going undercover Amazon, I can say with confidence that Amazon reserve the right to drug test at any time.

However, it appears quite rare for Amazon to drug test, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Does Amazon Drug Test For Weed

When Do Amazon Drug Test?

Amazon basically seems to drug test at two times:

  1. During the interview process. More specifically, at the end of the recruitment process.

So basically, you go along and have your initial interview. If they decide you are suitable to be a store person who can wander around a warehouse picking things off the shelf, while your handset endlessly beeps at you, then they will tell you that you passed the interview process, and will then do background checks on you.

If the background checks come back okay, the third and final part of the recruitment process is for you to submit a sample. You will either be sent somewhere to do this, or somebody will come in to do it on behalf Amazon.

This appears to happen the day after the background checks come back, so you will get 24 hours notice, although I have read articles online suggesting they don’t actually say a word until you are handed a cup.

From evidence I have read online, both in the USA, and the UK, groups of people will just go into a toilet, pee into a sample cup, and then hand it over to the lab representative who will go through the testing process.

  1. Amazon appear to do drug testing on-the-job, I’m guessing if you turn up smashed or have an accident. Basically an Amazon mouth swab drug test is what will usually happen on-the-job.

The reason it’s a mouth swab drug test at Amazon is because anyone can administer it. You just swab the mouth with a cotton bud, chuck it in a bottle, and pass it on to somebody qualified to test. So it’s cheap to administer, but also pretty easy to get around if you know how.

What Type Of Drug Test Do Amazon Do?

So now that you know what the Amazon drug testing policy is, and what the drug tests they do are, basically urine testing and occasionally mouth swab testing.

Both urine testing and mouth swab testing are easy to avoid if you know how.

The problem with Amazon drug testing, is not what type they do, it’s the fact that both on-the-job with mouth swab testing, and pre-employment urine testing, seems to be often requested without any warning.

I’m sure that the Amazon drug testing policy, stuffed away in the employment contract somewhere, allows them to do that, so you need to be prepared.

amazon mouth swab drug test

Will Amazon Drug Test For Weed?

In answering the question: does Amazon drug test for weed, you need to understand a bit about drug testing generally.

Whether it’s a urine test or mouth swab test that you will be subjected to, it will be tested by what is known as a panel drug test kit.

Basically, a company will pay for a sample to be tested against a number of substances, each one called a panel.

So if it’s a five panel test, it means that Amazon had paid to check for five drugs, or more accurately drug metabolites.

The problem with wondering if Amazon does drug test for weed, is that the metabolites created by THC, the ingredient in cannabis that gets you high, can stay in your bloodstream for a week, and amongst heavy smokers two weeks or more.

So although you will be tested in the same way for any drug metabolite, what’s important is not that they test for weed, it’s knowing how long the drug you have taken can be detectable, basically how long it remains in the body before it is flushed out of your body.

Which basically means that it doesn’t matter what type of drug you have taken, if it still in your body and Amazon’s drug test checks for it then you are going to be found out.

With weed, it’s the duration which is the concern, even if you haven’t smoked for a couple of weeks, you could still be caught out, and let’s face it that’s pretty harsh if you are going to lose your job and you haven’t been high for two weeks.

That’s why generally why I find drug testing so utterly socially offensive.

Sure if you turn up work smashed then you deserve to be sacked because you are a danger to yourself and others, if you haven’t taken anything for several days, are completely normal and in control, and yet lose your job because you have minute traces of the metabolites in your body, then that’s pretty disgusting.

It just seems to me that the companies are losing out on normal people who could be good employees.

5 panel test

How To pass An Amazon Drug Test

Okay, so now I have explained exactly when and how Amazon will drug test, and the fact it’s obvious that a failed Amazon drug test will lead you losing your job, and I’ve ranted about how unfair drug testing is, let’s talk about how it’s easy to pass an Amazon drug test if you know how.

  1. Detox drinks

If you have 24 hours notice then a THC detox drink is a safe way to get through an Amazon drug test.

The three high quality brands of detox drink I recommend are Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean. Any of these will do, but Mega Clean is not quite as effective unless you can get it with the six pre-rid pills.

A detox drink works by flushing the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract, basically cleaning out the drug metabolites that could appear in a sample in the next few hours.

On top of that, a good quality detox drink contains vitamins and minerals that will replace those that get flushed out, meaning your sample won’t get rejected as suspicious.

Using a detox drink is easy, you just drink it a couple of hours before you are due to submit your sample.

So as long as you know you going to submit one, or you have reached the stage of the interview process where they are obviously going to ask, then you can drink it a couple of hours before you go.

Best Detox drinks for drug test

  1. Synthetic urine

Although it’s complex to do, it’s certainly by far and away the most effective way to pass on Amazon drug test. High quality synthetic urine is the absolute best way to ensure you pass.

A high quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution is not cheap. However, you are paying for the high quality of it. It looks and smells like the real thing, it contains all the right chemicals, and it doesn’t contain artificial preservatives.

Quick Fix 6.2 is another brand of synthetic urine that ticks all those boxes, but my top recommendation is Sub Solution.

The reason for this is that it doesn’t use a heat pad, it comes with a unique heat activator powder. You simply drop some of the powder into the sample, shake it, and within a minute it will be heated up. You can then look at the thermometer strip on the side, and add a bit more as necessary.

The problem with synthetic urine, and the only reason you could suffer a failed Amazon drug test using it, is if you are caught pouring into the sample container. But as it appears that you are sent off into another room, or the toilet, or behind the screen, so it’s unobserved, there’s literally nothing to stop you either pouring a sample using your hands, or using a tap system to submit it in a natural position.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutes

  1. Saliva neutralizing chewing gum

As we said earlier, it appears that you can be asked to do an Amazon mouth swab drug test, but it appears to be only on-the-job.

Now on the surface that seems impossible to pass. But you can buy saliva neutralizing gum. This stuff isn’t cheap, around $90 per single piece.

All you have to do is pop into your mouth, chew it for 30 seconds and then swallow what’s left. The liquid inside, so it’s basically a capsule rather than gumming in reality, will neutralize your saliva for 15 to 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to submit your sample.

The trick as an Amazon employee to using saliva neutralizing gum is to carry it on you all the time. If you are asked to do a swab on the spot, let’s say while standing in the warehouse, it’s easy to say something like you’d like some privacy away from employees to do it in a room on your own.

Then when you are walking, just pop the capsule in your mouth and chew, they won’t even notice.

And even if it is on the spot and they won’t budge, at some point they are going to have to look away, just make sure it’s in your hand in your pocket, lift it out when they are not looking and cough with your hand over your mouth, as you put in your mouth, and then gently chew.

Even if they see you, they can’t prove that you weren’t chewing gum before.

oral clear gum review

The best saliva neutralizing gum out there passing an Amazon mouth swab drug test is Oral Clear.

Whichever path you choose, detox drinks, neutralizing gum or synthetic urine, it takes a day or so to get it delivered, so I’d recommend you order in advance and have it in your home ready to use.

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