Do Hospitals Drug Test Volunteers?


hospital volunteerHospitals can be great place to spend some time volunteering where you can really make a huge difference in someone’s life. Maybe you are looking to get in some shadowing hours for med school.

Whatever the situation is, if you are a frequent drug user you are probably worried about drug tests. Do hospitals really test individuals when they are willing to offer their time to help?

Know The Demand

If you know nothing to very little about the inner workings of a hospital and their volunteer programs, you may not realize the number of individuals that are already in line to volunteer.

For instance, it was reported last year that at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee they had enough volunteers that they donated the same amount of time as 15 fill-time employees.

When you consider the hours that doctors and nurses spend on the job, you are truly looking at a lot of logged hours. And, this was just one of their volunteering teams.

Unfortunately, this means that it might be much harder than you ever imagined just getting a volunteer spot.

Make Your Decision Wisely

When most people think of a hospital they think about doctors and nurses, but that really isn’t all that make up a hospital. When it comes to volunteering there really is a wide range of positions where you can donate your time and talents.

You can volunteer to visit with patients, be there in the recovery rooms, be a greeter, work transportation, and work in the library. There are also other cafeteria or gift shop positions available.

You might even be able to get on with some kind of special group like oncology.

Wherever you interest lie and where you want to donate your time, you shouldn’t have a problem fulfilling them at any local hospital.

Know The Requirements

All hospitals are different, but you cannot just typically walk into a hospital, sign up and start volunteering that day.

Hospitals have sick people on their hands that are carrying infectious diseases or sick individuals that could be harmed or infected by outside individuals.

This puts them at extremely high risks, so they have to ensure the health and safety of their patients first and foremost.

If you are located in a small town it is possible that you can get on easier, as you might have some personal connections with the staff, but in a larger city or unfamiliar location things are going to be a bit different.

In fact, there might be quite a bit of legwork involved with the whole process.

Most hospitals require a health screening for tuberculosis, measles, chicken pox, and illegal drug use.

You might even have to fill out an application, attend a seminar, and go through an interview process as well. If you are selected you will probably have to work ten or more hours at a volunteer station before even being moved to your placement choice.

As, you can see there are a lot of strict requirements and legwork that you have to go through before you become a volunteer at a hospital and yes you are going to be drug tested.

Hospitals Drug Test Volunteers

What Kind Of Test Are You Going To Face?

Of course, every hospital out there is going to be a little different with different requirements, but most of them are probably going to make you take a drug test.

After all it is possible that you are going to have access or be exposed to medications and the administrations want to know that they aren’t dealing with a drug addict. So, what kinds of test are you going to face?

Well, 90 percent of the time you are going to face a urine test.

If you are a frequent user don’t get freaked out just yet, because urine test are probably one of the easiest tests that you can manipulate or fake.

Some hospitals might opt for the oral or hair follicle test, but this is highly unlikely, as the costs are greater.

A urine test is cheaper and the results are instant. In addition to this, urine tests are capable of screening for a wide range of narcotics.

How To Pass Your Test

The good thing about volunteering is that you probably know you are going to be tested.

And, it probably will be the day or within a week of going in and signing up to become a volunteer. This is good, because time will be on your side. There are without a doubt a variety of ways that you can trick or fool a urine test.

  • Waiting It Out – Since you know you are going to be tested you simply have the option of not using for 30 days before the test. With a high-fiber diet and plenty of water this should be sufficient enough time to remove any kind of narcotic from your system.
  • Synthetic Urine/ Detox Drinks – If you don’t want to quit using, you always have the option of investing in fake urine or detox drinks. These detox drinks are extremely powerful and can clean out your entire system in as little as 2 hours. With fake urine you don’t even have to quite using at all.
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