Detoxify Green Clean Review

Detoxify have a few products out there, and they keep releasing new detox products, things like Instant Clean and Mighty Clean.

It’s made me wonder if they are just basically repackaging almost the same formula, and so I thought it was worth giving one of their more established products, Detoxify Green Clean a proper review.

This is a live review, not just an assessment of other Detoxify Green Clean reviews out there. I bought some Green Clean Detox for drug test off Amazon for the purpose of doing a live test for this review. So let’s get down to business and see what the truth is.

What Is Detoxify Green Clean?

One of several similar products from the company Detoxify, Green clean consists of two 4oz bottles. One contains a blend of herbs and the other contains “metabolic boosters”, which is basically green tea extract.

Its claim is that it has been specially formulated to help detoxify people who are heavy users, who have a high level of toxins and only a limited time to get rid of them.

So it’s a strong set of claims, and you’d expect good results.

Detoxify Green Clean Review

The instructions for taking detoxify Green Clean are:

1. Stop smoking a minimum of 48 hours before you take detoxify Green Clean.

2. On the day of the drug test, drink the cleansing blend first, followed by the metaboost bottle.

3. Wait 15 minutes and then drink 32oz of water steadily over 10 minutes.

4. Urinate frequently over the next hour.

You should then be clear for up to 5 hours, allowing you to pass a urine drug test. But the question is will you actually pass it?

Green Clean Detox: Does It Work?

At the start of this review I said I bought some Green clean detox for a drug test as part of this review.

First of all I should say I did smoke in the two days leading up to testing this. But only one each day, so that’s pretty light use and when you consider the claim it’s meant for heavy users on a short timescale, I would have expected it to still work.

I was actually quite surprised when I did two urine drug tests and found that they were both positive. Considering the hype around this product, and how big the claim was around cleansing you, it was a big disappointment to me.

green clean detox for drug test

Detoxify Green Clean Review: Conclusion

Apart from failing to cleanse me as part of testing Green Clean for this review, I do also have to note that there are a lot of negative reviews on Amazon and eBay for this Detoxify product as well.

I think I would have to advise that its much safer to stick to their other products which seem to have a stronger track record, especially with me, namely Mega Clean and Xxtra Clean.

Mega Clean is also designed for heavy users, while Xxtra Clean has a track record of success with light users.

There are other great quality detox drinks for THC as well, such as Rescue Cleanse and Absolute Detox.

The company behind Green Clean keep releasing new products which are variations of the same thing, and I think it’s basically confusing buyers. I think it would be far more advisable if they stuck to just making and promoting the products that have a track record of actually working.

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