Detox Drinks At Walgreens: Read This Before Buying Anything!

I quite often get asked questions about where to buy good quality detox drinks and pills, and where not to buy them.

I recently received a question about buying detox drinks at Walgreens and Walmart. They wanted to know if in an emergency they could just grab Walgreens detox drinks, or Walgreens detox pills and pass a drug test using them.

I think you need to be informed about what detox pills and detox drinks Walgreens have, whether you can grab detox pills for weed at Walmart at all, and what your strategy should be in terms of buying the right products and doing the right things to get through a drug test at short notice.

So let’s crack on and tell you in detail about detox drinks at Walgreens, and what your options are for detox products from Walgreens and Walmart generally, plus give you a solid strategy on what you should do to make sure you pass a drug test.

Walgreens Detox Drinks: What’s Available?

walgreens detox pills for weed

Let’s take a quick look at the main detox drinks at Walgreens first.

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that there is literally only one half decent detox drink available at Walgreens or Walmart, and that’s called Qcarbo.

And it’s only half decent if you buy the larger QCarbo32 bottle.

All the other detox drinks you can buy at Walgreens or Walmart are unreliable, and that’s being generous.

I really would advise you don’t buy a detox drink from Walgreens unless you can bundle it up with something else to try and enhance the detox you get.

The only option I can really see is to use Herbal Clean Qpretox, or Herbal Pre-Cleanse, which are the best the bad bunch as I will explain in a minute, to detox for up to 7 days before your drug test.

It won’t fully do the job, but it will flush out more toxins than doing a natural detox. Then on the day of the test drink QCarbo32 and you might just stand a chance.

Walgreens Detox Pills: What’s Available?

Part the problem with answering the question about Walgreens detox pills, or what detox pills for weed at Walmart there are, is that most of the pills available aren’t actually detox pills, they are herbal cleansing courses that you meant to use alongside a natural detox over a week or longer.

There are a handful of recognizable detox pill brands available at Walgreens:

  1. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Q Caps

These have been around for years and are from the same company who make Qcarbo32. The bottom line is they don’t work as a detox pill very well, if at all. Sure they might speed up a detox slightly if you are doing a natural one over a couple of weeks, but there’s no way they going to shunt stuff out of your system in a few days so that you can pass a drug test.

  1. Premium Detox 7 Day Program

These are also from the company called Herbal Cleanse, and these are also rubbish. Are you noticing a trend between the poor quality pills and the company pedaling them under different names? You can read my review here.

  1. Herbal Clean Pretox

Guess which company makes these detox pills. Yes, that’s right it’s Herbal Cleanse again. And yet again it’s a seven-day pre-cleanse pill.

However, there slightly more evidence this one works, as long as you have seven days, because the ingredients are different and there is a stronger track record online from people who have tried it.

But again it’s important to note that it’s not going to completely detox you, unless you do a full natural detox at the same time and also use a detox drink on the day of the test to mask any remaining toxins.

Detox Pills For Weed At Walmart Or Walgreens?

The metabolites in weed are those from the active ingredient THC. All drugs are converted into metabolites and most of these metabolites are going to be picked up in a drug test.

So there are no specific detox pills for Weed at Walmart or Walgreens, they are general drug detox pills.

The bottom line is, as we have already explained, that most of the detox pills available at Walmart and Walgreens simply don’t work well, if at all.

Detox drinks at Walgreens

Safest Options To Pass A Drug Test

If you really want to use Walmart or Walgreens to pass a drug test, then grabbing detox drinks at Walgreens and some Walgreens detox pills, mostly from Herbal Cleanse that together in combination might just work is your best option.

As I said already, a combination of QCarbo32 with detox pills is your best chance, but it’s far from guaranteed and will only raise your chances up above around 50%. I’m guessing you want higher than that, 90% and upwards?

Also, even if you want to go down that road, you can get Qcarbo32 and some better pills called Herbal Pre-Cleanse together as a combo deal but is $50 at, which is cheaper than Walgreens or Walmart anyway.

Which means you need a strategy. The strategy has to be to prepare in advance. Go online and buy some high quality detox pills and a high quality detox drink now, so you have them ready to use when you need.

In terms of recommendations, the best detox drinks out there are definitely Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Elminex and Mega Clean (with the six free Toxin-Rid detox pills included).

You can get all three of these high quality detox drinks from either Test Clear or Test Negative. I personally recommend all three of them, Rescue Cleanse has always been the most reliable for me, but Ultra Eliminex has also worked me in a work drug test recently as well.

If you want to do a natural detox and push more toxins out of your system then the only high quality detox pill I would ever recommend out there is Toxin Rid, available in a range of course durations. Sure you can use Herbal Pre-Cleanse at a push, but Toxin Rid is the best.

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