Does Comcast Drug Test?

Comcast is one of the world’s biggest telecommunications and cable TV companies. Because it operates serves both residential and commercial customers in 40 States, it’s a huge employer here in the States, which is why it’s no surprise that people are asking does Comcast drug test?

So I set out to find the answer to this question, especially because a lot of people are asking does Comcast drug test on first interview? This is quite a crucial question, because being such a huge company they are obviously employing thousands of people every year.

Does Comcast Drug Test On First Interview?

does comcast drug testWondering if there is a chance you might get drug tested after an interview for a job at Comcast is obviously going to be a worry for you if you think you might fail it. And in all that stress on top of your interview could be a huge issue, so that is probably why there are so many searches on Google for people asking exactly what the Comcast drug testing policy is.

In terms of first interview, the answer is probably not. There is evidence that some people have been tested after job interview, but not much evidence of what level of job that is for.

I think if you are going for a specialist position, or management level job, then you should be a lot more concerned than if you are going for a low-level job. But the bottom line here is that even in States where pot is legalized, you stand a chance of being tested, failed and not getting the job.

This is because pot smoking is against Comcast company policy, regardless of whether it’s in a State where it’s legal, and regardless of the fact that Comcast supposedly follows federal law.

So Does Comcast Drug Test Everyone?

I think the answer this is no. But on the other side of that, anybody who works with them stands a chance of being asked to take a drugs test.

She might not have one at first interview, and you may never have one, but it’s at the company’s discretion to test the drugs at any time as they see fit. But it’s not statutory and not everyone gets tested.

With such a risk, whether you are going for an interview a Comcast, or you’re an existing employee, it’s important you take precautions.

How To Pass A Comcast Drug Test

Comcast use urine drug tests, so you are going to need to use synthetic urine.

The great news is though that they are unsupervised, whether they are at interview, or internal for existing employees, you won’t be watched.

So the best way to get through an unsupervised drug test is to use a high quality synthetic urine brand such as Sub Solution or Quick Fix 6.1. Both contains essential chemicals that labs will look for, such as urea and uric acid.

One of the ways that people get found out is when they submit fake piss during a drugs test and it’s found to be too warm or cold.

Sub Solution comes with heat activator powder, so it’s real easy and quick to make sure it’s at the right temperature when you go for that drugs test, whether it’s when you are in the process of being employed by Comcast after first interview, or as an existing employee.

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