Clean Stream Urine Kit Review 2020

The Clean Stream urine kit is a toxin-free magnesium synthetic pee kit, which contains  heating pads and also contains uric acid.

I wanted to do a clean stream urine review after one of my friends recently failed a drug test using it. I was quite surprised so I decided to look into it a bit more. I wanted to understand why he failed and to write about it to help anyone else who who wonders: does clean stream urine work?

Clean Stream Synthetic Urine Kit: What’s In It?

Basically in this kit you get a 5 ounce bottle of synthetic urine. Alongside that you get the heating units, stretching waistband that has a pouch on it to put the synthetic pee in, and also the tubing as well.

Clean Stream Urine Kit instructions

So all you have to do is squeeze the bottle so that the synthetic urine goes through the tube and into the pouch, basically a synthetic bladder. Once you’ve done that you can then put one of the heating strips onto the belt until it’s warm. You need to do this because the drug test labs have a temperature strip on the cups used, and they check that it is at the required close-to-body temperature.

How Discreet Is The Clean Stream Urine Kit?

Clean Stream Urine KitWhat you have to do is make sure that the artificial bladder is warm before you go and submit your sample for the drug test. Now it’s obvious you can’t use this if someone is watching you, but that is really not going to be the case that often, you will almost always be sent to a toilet or behind a screen, so you just have to be discreet.

Make sure you wear loose clothing for your urine sample test as that will disguise the bulge of the artificial bladder and make it easier to get the tubing out.


Then all you have to do is release the clip on the tube and empty what is needed into the cup.

How Confident Can You Be In Passing  A Urine Test Using A Clean Stream Kit?

This is where things aren’t so easy. Basically, one of my friends used a Clean Stream urine kit recently and failed his test. The feedback was that the lab had checked his sample and found traces of biocide in it, which is not found in real urine.

Now I haven’t used this kit myself, but if a lab is finding something like that in the sample then I don’t see how it’s got so many supporters on the Internet saying it works like a dream.

If it worked like a dream then people wouldn’t be getting caught, especially people like my friend, a real life example from someone I know.

I think I’ve got to end this Clean Stream urine review by saying that I’d have to recommend you go for a sub solution synthetic urine product if you really want more confidence about passing a sample test. For more info on Sub Solution and Quick Fix, check my synthetic urine review.

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