Cerasee Tea: Drug Test Pass?

cerasee tea Drug Test

Drinking cerasee tea to pass a drug test is something you will read about a lot online. I’ve had several questions about it in the past, and my response here is going to be similar to the one I give to almost every home remedy question.

Can cerasee detox you? Possibly. Can a cerasee tea drug test pass happen? No way.

But before you go skipping off to look for the next free home remedy nonsense, let me explain why you’ll be risking your job or freedom if you try drinking cerasee tea to pass a drug test, and tell you exactly what will work instead.

How To Make Cerasee Tea

It’s really easy to learn  how to make cerasee tea. It’s a plant native to Jamaica, and all you have to do is boil the leaves and it creates a tea, which you simply strain and drink.

Cerasee is rich in antioxidants, iron and vitamins. So on the surface it sounds good, and it’s this link to nutrients and detoxification which has linked it up with people trying to use cerasee tea to pass a drug test.

But what’s the deal, is any evidence that drinking cerasee tea will get you through a drug test?

Does Cerasee Detox: Will It Pass A Drug Test?

Sorry, but there’s literally no evidence at all. The amount of nutrients in one gallon of cerasee tea are still pretty minor compared to just taking vitamin pills you can buy in a supermarket.

Yes, it’s a diuretic, meaning it will help you to urinate more frequently, and yes drinking lots of liquid can flush some drug toxins out of your system that are currently in your bladder and urinary tract.

But no, this doesn’t mean that you going to pass a drug test by drinking cerasee tea.

For a start, THC, binds to fat once it passes out of your bloodstream, meaning that if you are a weed smoker, then the toxins are mainly passing out of your bowels.

So sure, some THC toxins are still in your urine, that’s not going to help you detox for a blood test for example.

The bottom line is that even if it does help to flush some toxins out of your system, you have to drink loads of it to stand any chance at all, and you would be flagged by the drug testing lab as having a diluted sample, with an abnormal pH and gravity.

Cerasee Tea detox

How To Actually Pass A Drug Test

If you are up for a urine drug test then trying to do a cerasee detox, so you can pass is simply a bad strategy. Unless you are an incredibly light user, then it’s not going to remove the toxins out of your bladder.

To pass a drug test, you don’t need cerasee tea, you need specialist products:

  1. Detox drinks can flush your system out properly, clearing all the toxins out of your bladder using specialist ingredients. On top of that they replace nutrients, and you don’t have to drink gallons of the stuff, so your sample won’t be rejected.

Three detox drinks I would recommend are Ultra Eliminex, Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean. Any of these three are brilliant, but Mega Clean has a very long track record of flushing toxins out completely.

  1. Do a natural detox for a few days, and boost the elimination process using a specialist detox pill called Toxin Rid. You will have to detox, which means living well, abstaining from drugs, and drink lots of water, but this stuff really works. It can speed up the elimination of toxins by about 20%, which means that most drugs will be gone from your system a lot quicker.
  2. The absolute best way to pass a drug test is not to drink cerasee tea, but to submit a fake sample. This means buying some high quality synthetic urine. The best out there is Sub Solution, closely followed by Quick Fix. Both are high quality, and contain all the ingredients a lab will look for to check the sample is genuine.

On top of that, Sub Solution uses a patented heat activation system that uses a powder rather than heat pads and a microwave. This gives you complete control over the temperature of your sample right up to the moment you submit it.

For more info on Sub Solution click here, for Quick Fix 6.2 here.

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