THC Detox Kits Review: Top 3 Best&Worst Detox Kits 2020

THC detox kits for drug test

If you’re looking to detox ready for a drug test, then you’ll see hundred THC detox kit reviews online, all claiming to be the best THC detox kits available.

But the truth is that most detox kits for passing drug tests simply don’t work. They may claim to be a permanent THC detox kit for example, but 9/10 they don’t detox you any more than water and exercise.

So let’s take an in-depth look at what the best THC detox kits you can buy are, and also tell you the one’s to avoid. On top of that, let’s look at the difference between a permanent and temporary detox kit, so that you don’t get ripped off thinking you are fully covered, when you not.

What Exactly Is A Detox Kit For A Drug Test?

A detox kit helps to accelerate the natural process of removing toxins from the body.

Let’s say you smoked a load of weed. The THC, the bit that gets you high, is converted by the body to do that. In the process it creates what are known as metabolites.

Those metabolites attach themselves to the cells in your body. They swim around your saliva, they swim around your bloodstream. Bit by bit, over hours and days, they work their way out through your bladder and bowels.

This is the natural process, and as long as you are healthy, your body can only do this at a maximum rate that cannot go up or down. Basically, your body always works at the best efficiency.

But this is where the best THC detox kits come in.

They contain natural ingredients that can help your body to work beyond its peak, and convert more of those metabolites. So the time taken to remove them from your body is accelerated, making you clean in a shorter space of time.

Difference Between A Permanent THC Detox Kit And Temporary

quickest way to get weed out of your systemThe difference between a permanent THC detox kit and a temporary one is pretty straightforward.

A temporary detox kit will eliminate the toxins coming out of your body at that point.

It will speed up that process, and at the same time mask the fact you sped up that process. This will allow you to submit a clean sample for small amount of time.

A permanent THC detox kit works by helping to speed up the elimination of toxins as you do a natural detox.

So you have to stop taking in toxins, do exercise, eat well, drink lots of water, and allow your body to do a natural detox, but the permanent THC detox kit contents allow that to happen faster.

THC Detox Kit Reviews: The Ones That Don’t Work

Before I give you the lowdown on what the best THC detox kits are, the ones actually work, let’s talk about the one’s to avoid.

These low quality kits are widely available, but suffer from the same problems. They have a lot of marketing behind them, and a lot of fake THC detox kit reviews behind them, but ultimately in the real world, they don’t do the business.

I’ve tested most detox stuff out there over the years, and I know for a fact that these are definitely the THC detox kits to avoid.

  1. THC Detox: Fast Marijuana Detox Kit (Extra Strong)

This kit is a temporary detox. You get a bottle of QCarbo Plus, the low-cost version that doesn’t work well, some detox low quality pills, and a chewable detox supplement, which seems just been gum looking at the ingredients.

All of these ingredients, put together, should you clean for five hours. Firstly, that’s an awful lot of different things to have to do for just five hours clean. Secondly, the ingredients, things like wheat grass and Juniper Berry, are not exactly renowned for their detoxification benefits.

On top of that, you have to abstain from all toxins for 48 hours. In a lot of cases that’s enough to detox naturally anyway. So you’re are paying a lot of money alongside doing a natural detox, for five hours of cleanliness.

Basically, it’s a lot of work and a lot of money for up to 5 hours clean, and at the end of the day doesn’t work anyway because the ingredients simply don’t flush the toxins out and replace the lost nutrients.

Green Gone 5 Day THC (Marijuana) Detox Kit review

  1. Green Gone 5 Day THC (Marijuana) Detox Kit

This cost a whopping $100, and even the fact you get five free test strips in it doesn’t make it worth that amount of money. It’s meant to be a permanent detox, meaning this doesn’t just flush out the toxins in your bladder, it helps your body to metabolize the toxins completely.

But the problem here is the marketing doesn’t add up. It claims it can detox even heavy marijuana smokers completely, as long as they have abstained from smoking for at least 10 days. Well, the bottom line is that a lot of moderate to heavy smokers could naturally metabolize all the toxins in that time anyway, without the help of this $100 detox kit.

There are no ingredients listed, reviews on Amazon are very mixed, and even with a good quality THC detox kit, very few people will be able to fully detoxify in less than five days. The claim just doesn’t add up.

7 day THC detox

  1. Herbal Clean 7 Day Premium Detox Cleanse Capsule

This 7 day THC detox kit is most commonly available from Walmart and Walgreens. If you know anything about detox products, then that will tell you everything you need to know. Almost every detox product available at Walmart and Walgreens is low quality and doesn’t work.

It claims to be able to totally detox you, permanently, in just seven days. That is possible, but only with a high quality detox kit plus a complete change of lifestyle, unless you smoke weed like once a week.

In this 7 day THC detox kit you get 84 pills. Over seven days that’s an incredible investment in time and memory.

That’s before you start thinking about exercise, diet change, and not smoking weed. I tried it, a while back in a test, and seven days later I failed a drug test. It has only got two reviews on Walmart, and both of those are blatantly fake.

Two Best THC Detox Kits: Temporary

Before we look at the best permanent THC detox kit, let’s look at your options for high quality temporary THC detoxes that really work.

When we are talking about a THC detox kit were talking about more than just a detox drink. We are talking about a detox drink that can temporarily mask the toxins, but on top of that were also talking about included detox pills, taken the day before, which alongside a natural detox can really boost that process, guaranteeing you a negative result.

THC detox kit reviews

  1. Mega Clean With Toxin Rid PreCleanse Pills

For me, if you’re looking to do a temporary THC detox that will really work, then you need a little more than to just drink a detox drink.

That’s why this Mega Clean combo, bundled up with six PreCleanse pills, for me counts as a high quality THC detox kit, and definitely one of the best THC detox kits you can get for the money.

I will say again, it’s only temporary THC detox. You only get about five hours clean. It works like this:

  1. The day before the test, you take the six PreCleanse pills. This helps your body to accelerate the speed at which toxins are eliminated through your urine.
  2. A couple of hours before the test, you drink the entire contents of the 1 liter Mega Clean bottle. You can then also drink about 20oz of water, and urinate frequently. About an hour after doing this you should have toxin free urine.
  3. As long as it’s within five hours, preferably within three, you can go to the testing facility and submit a sample which will not contain any THC metabolites.

What makes this more powerful is obviously the free included PreCleanse supplement. That’s what makes it a kit, rather than just a detox drink. I have used it myself, and it definitely works.

For more info read my detailed Mega Clean detox review.

Obviously you should try a home test before going to submit your sample just to make sure, but in my experiences, it’s worked.

You can order Mega Clean with Pre rid pills HERE.

  1. Qcarbo32 Detox Drink + Herbal Pre-Cleanse Pills

detox kit for drug testAlthough I don’t rate the detox drink, or the included Herbal Pre-Cleanse pills as highly as the Mega Clean bundle, the combination of the two is still guaranteed to be pretty damn effective.

It doesn’t cost as much as the Mega Clean THC detox kit, and it really is a great deal.

You get a full 32oz bottle of Qcarbo32, plus a full bottle of 60 Herbal Pre-Cleanse pills for 50$.

This amount of free cleanse pills will allow you to start the detox as soon as you know you might up for test.


The course will last up to a week, which means you can start accelerating the elimination of toxins quite some way out from the day of your test.

Then on the day of the test, you’ve still got the highly effective bottle of QCarbo32 to flush any remaining toxins currently in your bladder out of your body.

The instructions are straightforward, you take the pills for as many days as you can, then a couple of hours for test you drink the bottle of Qcarbo32. In the hour after that, urinate as frequently as possible to flush the toxins out, and you’re ready to go and submit your sample.

The Best THC Detox Kit: Permanent

Best THC Detox kits

In terms of the best THC detox kits, we have just covered the temporary ways you can flush toxins out of your system, to mask your marijuana use.

However, the most powerful way to ensure a negative drug test is to permanently detox.

When you do this naturally, it will take at least a week.

You have to stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, just drink lots of water, daily exercise, and eat healthy foods, lots of fruit and vegetables.

This will keep your body healthy, and allow your organs to work at peak capacity.

But some people, heavy weed smokers, can have so many toxins in them, that it will take more than a week. On top of that, it’s very rare you get a weeks notice. That’s where Toxin Rid comes in.

Toxin Rid is absolutely the most powerful detox pill out there. It’s not cheap, and the course duration’s range from one day, through to 10 days. Becoming progressively more expensive, because there are more pills.

This is a NOT magic detox, and honest THC detox kit reviews have to make that clear, which most don’t.

But it is a way to accelerate the speed at which toxins move out of your system by about 50%.

It’s a permanent solution, because it works as part of a natural detox, to really get the toxins out of your body. It doesn’t temporarily mask them, it aids your body in getting rid of all of them.

permanent thc detox kitInstructions for using Toxin Rid are simple:

  1. For the duration of the course length you buy, you take three tablets an hour, over five hours each day.
  2. The day before the end of the course you drink the dietary fiber supplement.
  3. After the completion of the course, before you go and take your drug test, you then drink the detox liquid, in two halves, over two hours, while urinating frequently.

This process really helps to naturally flush out the toxins at a faster rate, plus you getting the extra insurance of the detox liquid is before the test, which acts like a detox drink.

Although it’s more expensive than the temporary detox kit for drug test options, you are getting a trustworthy permanent detox solution.

You can order Toxin Rid straight from the manufacturer.

I’ve used Toxin Rid both live, and also in testing. It definitely works, and if you’ve got a few days, I wouldn’t recommend a course of less than three days in duration (they do a one day course I would not recommend), it really is the best solution out there.

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