Best Synthetic Urine? – My Honest Review of the top brands

In today’s workplace, it is a common practice for companies to drug test their employers. It is also becoming more and more common for working-class people to be marijuana users. This means that there is a constant dance between companies who want to regulate their employees and employees who want a job but also want to use marijuana.

In the case of companies using urine to test for substances, a very common practice for avoiding detection is the use of synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is a solution of compounds which mimic the chemical make up of human urine, and can be used to fool a drug test into detecting a clean urine sample, when in fact the user may have marijuana in their system, beacause the best synthetic urines are undetectable.

So is it a good idea to use synthetic urine?

synthetic urine reviewsWhen can you use it? When cant you? I’m here to help answer those questions for you, and recommend some brands to look for when choosing the best synthetic urine brand.

I’m sure you’re wondering, does fake pee even work? Well while there is no 100% fool proof method for dodging a urine analysis the short answer is, yes. Urine can be used to pass a urine analysis, when used correctly.

So when is it okay to use synthetic urine?[alert-note]

  • You are taking an unsupervised urine test It is much easier to pull off using synthetic urine when there is no one standing behind you looking at you pee. You’ll be free to use the apparatus that comes with your chosen brand of urine without fear of scrutiny
  • You know that you will be able to urinate without pulling your pants all the way down or exposing youe skin below your waistIf you know you will be supervised it may still be possible to get away with using an apparatus as long as you know for sure that you will be able to urinate without exposing too much of your body beneath your clothes. For example, if you are male, it may be safe if you know that your apparatus will be able to be used without pulling your pants all the way down while you are standing at the urinal. This method is still quite risky however and should be used with caution.
  • .You are using a good Urine Brand. There are many brands of synthetic urine out there and some are better than others. You should choose carefully when shopping for a synthetic urine solution. I will go over some reviews of a few choices below.[/alert-note]

How to hide the fake urine?

Typically when you’re going into take your urine test you will want to hide the fake urine on your person, often strapped to a leg or to your side. This is the best way to hide the bag and in some cases also helps to warm the fake urine to an acceptable temperature. Again, you should find out, if possible, whether the test is supervised or whether the tester will be making you lift your clothes up.

How do I know my fake urine is good? How to choose the best synthetic urine?

Testers check for something called adulteration. Adulteration means that the urine has been contaminated, Diluted, Tempered with fake, Etc. When choosing a fake urine for drug test  you should look to see that they cover as much as possible. Some things to remember when thinking about adultery prevention:

  • Normal pH – pH in urine ranges from 4.6 – 8
  • Specific gravity– This refers to the concentration of solids and density of your urine sample compared to water
  • Temperature – The temperature of the urine should be between 32 and 38°C
  • Creatine levels – If your sample is below 15Mg/kg Of body weight it will look diluted
  • Uric acid – This is important to determine whether the pee is real and not fake
  • Urea -Labs started testing for this more recently. If there is no urea present in your sample it will indicated that it is fake.
  • Color and odor – This is a super obvious, but if your pee looks and smells like water or doesn’t smell or look like actual pee it could raise suspicion.

Now  you have a good general idea of what to expect when you go in to get tested for urine. I’m not here to talk about whether it is right or wrong to use synthetic urine. Fact is, some people use marijuana, and some of those people will want to hold a steady employment, So that is why these products exist. I happen to know a person personally who is a very hard worker, diligent and intelligent, and happens to be a marijuana user.

She decided to use synthetic urine and has been working at her company happily for over a year without any problems. So I know that synthetic urine can be used successfully when used by responsible adults in the most ethical manner possible. I have gone over some of the details of using fake pee fordrug test and some of the things to lookout for, i will also review the top brands, to show you wich one is the best synthetic urine.

Why might someone decide to use synthetic urine rather then another method?

  • Sometimes you may be in a situation where stopping consumption of marijuana is an option for you but your drug test is coming up sooner then it will take for the THC to completely leave your system. In this case, synthetic urine can be a viable option because while you are still intending to see some marijuana consumption it still may be necessary to fudge your test to reflect your intentions, not your current physical condition, but keep in mind if you have more time there are other options to get weed out of your system and  pass a drug test .
  • Don’t want to quit.
  • Perhaps you use marijuana, want a job, and simply wish to continue to use marijuana while you are employed. Synthetic urine can be an option for people like this as well. Maybe you were using marijuana to treat a condition. Why should a capable potential employee be stopped from employment because of their choice of medicine?

What are the best synthetic urine brands?

Magnum synthetic urine review

The first timemagnum synthetic urine review I tried synthetic urine I bought this brand. It was $30 and easily obtainable at some of the local smoke shops near my house. I was in a pinch and couldn’t spend as much on a more expensive brand at the time and the package seemed promising, so I bought Magnum. The directions were short and not very descriptive.

In the package only came one round bottle and a few ph test strips to gauge levels of acidity of the urine and the sythetic urine in another bottle. I heated the urine up in the other heat-safe bottle with a microwave just as the instructions told me to in 20 second intervals. There was no range as to how many times you needed to heat the bottle so I guessed and did 3 sets of 20 seconds.

I took the hot bottle out and tested it with the pH strip of paper. I held it in there for a good 2 minutes and there was no color change to blue as what  the instructions had said is what should happen when the right temperature is reached. I tried another strip and still no color change to the strip.

The next day was my test and I couldn’t get another urine kit so I just heated up my bottle of Magnum synthetic urine and headed to my drug test. Luckily I wasn’t supervised because this bottle was difficult to hide on my body and was bulky.

A week went by and I got my test results back saying that I failed my drug test and now I can’t get that job I wanted. I wouldn’t recommend Magnum synthetic urine to anyone who needs to take a urine test in a pinch, I know the price is pretty cheap but I didnt get great short-notice results. It cost me another few months of job hunting. The bottle was too big to hide and the pH strips did nothing to help me make sure that the synthetic urine was even at the right levels.

X-Stream synthetic urine review

My friend is X-Stream synthetic urine reviewa computer analyst and had been working for the same company for almost 10 years now. He loved his job and couldn’t imagine losing it. Anyways, he knew that there were going to be changes coming to the company, one of which he didn’t know was to be a company wide drug test for every employee.

Normally he wouldn’t mind having to submit a drug test, but he just recently ate a brownie given to him from a cousin a few days before and his drug test was that following Monday.

A friend recommened that he try Xtreme synthetic urine because they had used it on their drug test and it worked for them. He bought himself the kit which included 2 small bottles, the urine in what looked like a sandwich baggie and one small hand warmer pouch.

There were some instructions on the back of the box that didn’t exactly make sense. He heated the urine up for 10 seconds at a time for 1 minute, thinking that this was all he had needed to do, aside from heating up the hand warmer for 10 minutes before he went to take his test. He took the test and was watched the entire time making it harder to use the tiny bottle to pee out of and to make matters worse there wasn’t enough synthetic urine in the kit to fill the testing cup.

A few days later, his boss pulled him aside privately and told him that he had to fire him due to his false positive urine test result. Xtreme Synthetic Urine didn’t work well for him and now he’s out of a job because of one pot brownie on a Friday night after work.

I wouldn’t recommend using this brand, he wasted $50 and lost his job because he just wanted to relax and fall asleep earlier than usual.

U Pass synthetic urine review

U Pass Synthetiu pass synthetic urine reviewc Urine was supposedly “The BEST sythetic urine out there on the market!”, according to the ad on the front of the box. I tried this brand after my first stint with Magnum and my failed drug test. This brand was only $42 and came with 1 bottle of almost yellow synthetic urine, 1 small flask-like bottle, a small hand warmer and a thermometer sticker on the side of the small flask bottle.

The directions we simple, heat the urine in the microwave for 1 minute and let stand for 10 seconds so as to not burn your fingers.

The thermometer on the side was supposed to tell me the exact temperature and it did just that. Instead of using this brand for an upcoming job drug test, I decided to just test it out before I even have anything scheduled just to see if it worked.

I also bought a marijuana drug test from the pharmacy and tested it just to make sure it was legitimate. It turns out that it failed the store bought marijuana drug test due to a pH abnormality. There wasn’t enough creatine in it and no urea whatsoever when I looked at the ingredients on the box.

As a recommendation, I would say always purchase a kit that has enough creatine in he mixture and definitely urea. If home drug tests can pick up on no urea, then clinics who test  for this will definitely pick up on these low levels in the sample.

I have heard of people have success with this brand but also failures due to pH levels, U pass is definitely not the best synthetic urine.

Sub-Solution synthetic urine review 2020

Now this was my 3rd attempt at purchasing and trying out sythetic urine on myself. Sub-Solution synthetic urine happened to be the priciest brand out of the bunch. Coming in at $80, I was hesitant to try it because of all of the bad luck I had with a few other sythetic urine brands out there on the market.

The fake urine kit contains:  1 plastic bottle with thermometer on the side, 1 vial of synthetic urine powder,1 vial of heat activator and an instruction booklet.

Clear Choice Sub solution synthetic urine comes with urea, uric acid and 11 other chemical compunds. Just by looking at it in the light, this fake piss looked pretty realistic,”perfect” yellow color with a little foam, it didn’t look diluted at all .

[alert-note]The instructions explained each step thoroughy and the heating process was simple.

  • Fill the plastic bottle with luke warm water
  • Add the synthetic urine powder screw cap on bottle and  shake it until the urine powder has completely dissolved
  • Look at the temperature on the thermometer
  • If you dont see the temperature indication on the flask it means its below 88 °F, add the 1/3 of the heat activator, and if it’s between 88 to 92 then add ¼ of the vial to achive the right urine temperature
  • It should be  90°F to 100°F (indicated in green on the flask..)

It was very easy, took me 1 minute to mix and heat the urine. Then I tested it on a pharmacy bought marijuana drug test and it passed the test. Although this brand was more expensive, the results definitely showed this is the best synthetic urine. I would say go with Sub Solution synthetic urine if you’re looking for the most “sure-thing.” Click on the link for Sub-Solution’s website

[alert-warning]UPDATE: I have passed two urine lab test since this article was published, I used Sub-solution powdered urine kit both time. Quick fix plus still work in 2020 and still one of the best synthetic urine, but for lab tests, Clear Choice urine is the safest choice.[/alert-warning]

Sub Solution review

Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine Review

As someone, who was initially skeptical regarding synthetic urine, I must admit that I was weary of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.

That fact that the product’s manufacturer, Spectrum Labs, actually created the urine within a laboratory environment, gave me even more concern.

However, I had heard a lot of good things about the product and a buddy of mine swore by it. According to him, the product worked and his current employer couldn’t spot the difference.

Although I don’t always trust my stoner friends, I knew this one was good for his word, so I decided to give Quick Fix a shot.

I ordered Quick Fix a few days before I was set to take a drug test for a potential employment opportunity. I wholeheartedly appreciate the fact that Quick Fix is available in a 6.2 formula, which is already mixed with the required Urea.

Another benefit is the fact that synthetic urine has a shelf life for 2-years! Suffice to say, it is possible to stock up on it and utilize it for several urine tests, within a 2-year period. Once I acquired the packaged, I began looking through the contents. Inside the box, I found the bottle of urine, a small temperature strip and a heat pack.

This is great and using the product was straightforward at that point. A Synthetic Urine Belt is always available. This is definitely a recommendation and works well for those situations when the employer wants to watch you do your duty.

With everything I needed, I attended the employment screening facility. Along the way, I activated the heat pads and applied to the synthetic urine, so it would be sufficiently warm and appear realistic. Before entering the facility, I used the temperature strip to ensure the right temperature had been breached.

Best synthetic urine

How To Use Quick Fix


  1. Microwave it until the temperature strip reads between 90-99°F (about 10 seconds).
  2. If the temperature goes below 90-100°F, don’t worry. From here you can attach the heat pack to the flask in order to bring the pee back to the correct temperature.
  3. You can also keep the flask close to a warm part of your body(underwear for males, bra or underwear for females) in order to retain heat. 
  4. When you are in the testing room, check the temperature of your Quick Fix, it should be between 90-100°F, if its correct shake and pour the contents of the Quick Fix Flask into the urine collection cup.
  5. Always shake the bottle before and after heating it and before submitting the sample.[/alert-note]

A few days after the test was processed, I received a call and got the job. This makes it easy to recommend Quick Fix. The fact that it is made in a laboratory makes it effective and reliable. After testing over 10 products i would say Quick Fix and Sub Solution are  the best synthetic urine brands. You can get Qick Fix 6.2 from their official website. Its on sale now!

 Synthetic Urine Review : Conclusion& The Top 3 Fake Urine Brands

synthetic urine kit

  1. Sub Solution Synthetic Urine: It comes with all the essential chemicals, looks and smells like real urine. The fake urine kit contains urine powder, heat activating powder and flask with thermometer on the side. This is the only self heating synthetic urine kit on the market. Using Sub Solution is the absolute safest way to pass an unsupervised urine drug test.
  2. Quick Fix 6.2: Its is the second best synthetic urine kit on the market. It comes with 2 oz of pre mixed synthetic urine, a heating pad and a plastic temperature strip. Quick fix, just like Sub solution has only positve synthetic urine reviews.
  3. Testclear’s Real Powdered urine kit: Its human, toxin free powdered urine. Comes with a small vial containing powdered urine, 50-ml plastic tube and 2 air-activated heating pads (Review coming soon)

.::Synthetic Urine FAQ::.

How To Make Synthetic Urine

There are many stoners that think they’re a MacGyver of sorts. Whether or not you can make a bond from a roll of toilet paper matters very little. The truth of the matter is that it is truly impossible to make your own synthetic urine, which will work effectively.

In order for the product to work and fool the test, it needs to contain certain chemicals, which you likely have no access to. Therefore, you shouldn’t put yourself in a potentially complicated situation, by using urine you’ve made in your homemade lab. Do yourself a favor and check out my recommended fake piss brands.

Does Synthetic Urine Expire?

Remember that nothing is going to last forever. This is true, when it comes to synthetic urine. After scouring through the market and looking at the top synthetic urine brands, I can tell you that all of these products expire at some point or another.

However, the shelf life and longevity of one product may differ substantially from another. Therefore, I highly recommend that you check with your specific brand of choice, in order to learn about its unique specifications. Some brands can remain valid for several years, while others will expire much sooner, so yes synthetic urine does expire.

Best Urine Cleaner for drug test?

The best urine purifier called SPIKE. Its very easy to use and works for most tests. Its completely colorless and odorless and can not be detected with an average urine test. However it doesn’t work on accurate gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. The only downside is the price, it costs 125$, that’s why I wouldn’t recommend it. Sub Solution is the best fake urine for drug test and it costs 75$ only (check out my synthetic urine reviews for more details).

How To Use Synthetic Urine

This is truly the trickiest part of the entire process. In order for your synthetic urine to be effective, you need to learn how to use it. Also, I encourage practicing the entire process a few times, before heading to the drug screen.

Remember that everything has to be perfect, in order to full the doctor, as well as the drug test. Some aspects of this are out of your control. However, I cannot stress the importance of temperature enough! Your synthetic urine needs to exhibit the same temperature as your body.

Therefore, you’ll need to use heating pads to keep the urine warm on the day of the test. If you’re going to be watched, I recommend purchasing a fake dong, so you won’t get caught red handed. For more info on how to use synthetic urine check the product’s description. (Sub-Solution powdered urine kit comes with heat activator so you dont have to mess with microwave or heat pads).

How to sneak urine into a supervised drug test?

Probably the toughest thing to do, but it is possible to sneak urine into a supervised drug test. You need a discreet delivery system to achieve this successfully.

You can buy a fake penis like the whizzinator, strap the fake urine to you, and then dispense it through the fake penis. It’s tough to do, but with practice, and the right angle, it is possible.

Remember that the lab technician isn’t going to be sitting right in front of you staring at you, they will just be in the room, so it is possible. If you’re female it’s also possible to get devices which sit inside the vagina.

Where Can I Buy Synthetic Urine Locally?

There is absolutely no doubt that buying locally is usually a good thing. I like supporting my local mom and pop stores as well. Unfortunately, this is something I cannot recommend, when it comes to purchasing synthetic urine.

As someone, who has been there and done that, I’ll tell you right now. All of the synthetic urine products that I’ve purchased locally have been scarily ineffective. Each one was deemed to be bogus, by the simple drug tests I purchased at my local pharmacy. If you are looking for the best synthetic urine do yourself a favor, shop online and purchase one of my recommended brands.

How Much Pee Is Needed For A Drug Test?

Again, there are numerous factors that need to be absolutely perfect, in order to fool your drug test. Many people completely overlook the quantity of urine needed. This is definitely a mistake and could lead to you being caught red handed.

I can tell you upfront that you’re going to need approximately 30ml of Urine for the majority of tests. 15ml of less cannot be used. Bring along a little extra synthetic urine is recommended!

The doctor or nurse will provide you with a cup and mark it, so you know precisely how much is needed. Just make sure you fill it up to the mark and you’ll pass!

What Temperature Should Urine Be For A Drug Test?

I’ve said it one and will say it again. If you do not perfect the temperature of your synthetic urine, you’re going to fail your test!. Even if you bought the best synthetic urine you need to maintain the urine’s temperature to match that of your body.

I recommended keeping the temperature between 98 and 102 degrees. Attaching  heating pads to the exterior of the urine bottle is recommended. I do this and it helps to ensure that the urine remains the proper temperature for the required amount of time.

How long does urine stay good at room temperature?

Urine does not stay good at room temperature for very long. Bacteria will start to multiply rapidly at room temperature and it will be spoilt within 24 hours. If you need to keep urine then it needs to be kept in the fridge.

If you are trying to avoid detection in a drugs test by using clean urine then you would have to have it stored in a colostomy bag for no longer than an hour before your test, otherwise it could be noticed as a bad sample.

Can you freeze urine for a drug test?

Yes you can freeze clean urine for a drugs test, you can give your sample using a colostomy bag and tube, obviously as long as it’s not an observed test. The only problem is getting the sample at the right temperature.

Urine will spoil very quickly, and will be detectable as an unsuitable sample within a couple of hours of being the defrosted potentially, so you have to get it defrosted and at the right temperature very quickly and very close to the actual test.

If you get it wrong, it will change color very quickly and smell different as well, and the lab won’t even need to test it to spot you are trying to cheat them, which will obviously lead to feedback to your potential employer or the courts.

Does synthetic urine work for lab tests?

Some does and some doesn’t. If it’s a lab test then go with “Sub solution”. It has over 11 ingredients including urea and uric acid.

Sub solution will pass every drug test from any lab, this is where Magnum, urine luck, X stream and other low quality fake urines cut short, they have an over simplified formula. Some of them recently started adding urea which is the main compound of urine.

Some brands also have biocide in their urine, which is not something normally found in urine, so if a lab checks for biocide then you are busted.

Sub solution is balanced for proper PH level, gravity and creatinine. If your employer order a specific gravity or creatine test and you used some cheap fake urine like magnum then again you are busted.

[alert-warning]In the last 6 months I passed two lab test (2018/05/21 and 2018/10/10) with Sub solution so I can confirm it works! If you are looking for the safest option then choose the best synthetic urine.[/alert-warning]

Does synthetic urine work for labcorp urine test?

Yes! You can use fake pee for labcorp urine test, if you choose quality synthetic urine and if the temperature is right then you will pass it easily. You can also use synthetic urine at concentra and Quest diagnostics.

I know many people who successfully passed urine test at these labs with synthetic urine recently.

Will labcorp call you if you fail a drug test?

Yes! They will call you if you failed the test, otherwise they won’t.

Does quest diagnostics test for synthetic urine?

The first thing to say is that it is possible to pass a professional lab test that uses gas chromatography/mass spectrometry with fake urine. In terms of Quest diagnostics, Internet talk suggests that sometimes they do, depending on the type of test they are doing.

However, as long as you are using good quality synthetic urine that contains all the correct ingredients then it’s going to be very difficult for them to test positive for it being synthetic.

This is because everybody’s urine can be different, even from day-to-day in the same person, and trying to discern if it’s real or not is incredibly difficult.

Is there any female synthetic urine kit?

Females can use the same synthetic urine as males because labs don’t test for hormones. If the test is unsupervised then you are good to go, just keep the urine on the right temperature. If it’s supervised I wouldn’t recommend fake urine for females.

If you are interested check out my hair, saliva and blood drug test guides too!

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