Best Kratom For Pain And Anxiety: Effects, Dosage and Kratom Reviews

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Kratom (Mitragynia speciosa korth) is being increasingly recognized as a low-risk, natural substance that can help to alleviate the serious pain side effects from both opiate withdrawal, physical and emotional conditions, plus a range of serious illnesses.

At the same time, kratom can boost energy, lifting you from the lows that pain and lack of energy can push people into. That’s why finding out what the best kratom for pain and energy is can be so beneficial.

In this guide, we are going to look at using kratom for pain relief and increased energy levels. We will look at the right dose of kratom, and also where to buy the best kratom for pain and anxiety.

What Can Kratom Be Used For?

Kratom is derived from the leaves of the kratom tree, which is native to south-east Asia, specifically Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

It’s development into being used as a recreational drug both in Asia, and increasingly in the West, has clouded over the many benefits of using it for relieving pain, increasing energy, and achieving other mental and physical benefits.

Traditionally, the benefits of kratom are:

  • It has the ability to inhibit pain sensations.
  • It’s can produce an uplift in mood and euphoria
  • It has antidepressant qualities
  • It can relax muscles
  • It has depressant qualities

Firstly, to address the contradiction between it having antidepressant and depressant qualities, kratom can produce euphoria, lifting mood and getting rid of depression. However, at higher doses, especially amongst strains like red vein kratom as Maeng Da, it can have a depressant/numbing quality similar to morphine.

So in terms of pain relief, kratom can be used to alleviate the symptoms of many conditions.

Many people are finding that kratom can be used for opiate withdrawal symptoms. Because it triggers the same receptors as opiates themselves, it can satisfy those urges, on top of relieving physical pain, and lifting mood.

How Does Kratom Interact To Lower Pain & Lift Energy?

So far, more than 25 active compounds have been identified within kratom. The active ingredients with the largest effects are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Both of these alkaloids act similarly in the mind to endorphins. When they reach our brain, they bind to the opioid receptors, specifically to the crucial delta and mu receptors.

The largest proportion of alkaloid is in Mitragynine. It’s a partial opioid receptor activator, meaning it is an agonist.

Mitragynine targets receptors in the brain that respond to opioids, so it has a similar effect in the body to morphine.

Although less abundant, the other dominant alkaloid in terms of effects is called 7-hydroxymitragynine. Studies have found that it has the ability at higher doses to be more potent than morphine. Red vein kratom tends to be higher in this alkaloid.

Both of these alkaloids interact with a range of opioid receptors in our bodies. The effects of this interaction are to produce, depending on the dose and type, analgesic effects (pain relief), and euphoric effects, bringing effects that are closely linked to mental and physical energy increases.

On top of all that, kratom has also been found to activate the dopamine D1 receptors, which are central receptors in our brains linked to improving mood and also lowering anxiety levels.

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What is The Best Kratom For Pain?

Okay, now you understand bit more of what kratom can do, and how it does it, let’s talk specifically about what the best kratom for pain and energy actually is.

Let’s talk about using kratom for pain management first.

A growing number of people use kratom for pain relief, everything from opiate withdrawal symptoms, through arthritis, back pain, to a range of serious illnesses. So which kratom is best for pain?

There are several strains you can use for pain relief, all of these strains of kratom are high in alkaloids that produce morphine-like effects:

  • Red Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo

Green Malay is a great starting point, because its effects are mild, even at higher doses, and it is linked to morphine-like pain relief at high doses.

Red Bali and Red Borneo are both kratom strains that have high levels of alkaloids in them, which can produce a strong analgesic effect. Borneo especially is very potent, and a lower dose can be administered in relation to Red Bali.

But top of the tree, if you want to deal with pain relief through using kratom is Red Maeng Da. Using Maeng Da kratom for pain is very common in Asia, and increasingly so in the west, because of its sedative and pain relieving qualities, even at surprisingly low doses in comparison to other strains.

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Using Maeng Da Kratom For Pain Relief

In terms of pain relief, let’s look specifically at the most potent strain of kratom, Maeng Da, so you can see a bit more about what it is, how it works, and how Maeng Da can be administered for pain relief.

Maeng Da is not an original strain of kratom. It was enhanced through mixing two strains, to produce a stronger, more stable type of kratom.

Because of this, it’s known as “pimp grade” kratom in English. It’s very strong, compared to other types of kratom, with very specific effects due to its blend of active alkaloids.

There are three types of Maeng Da:

  1. Red Vein Maeng Da

This is reputed to be the most potent strain of kratom, in terms of its sedative and opioid mimicking effects. Especially in concentrated powder form, it can be very strong at the same doses other types of kratom are mild.

It’s good at killing pain, and at higher doses has an at times overwhelming sedative effect.

  1. White Vein Maeng Da

White veins are more euphoric than other Maeng Da at mid doses, and nearly as sedating at higher doses as red vein. So overall, they are more energizing than sedating.

White vein Maeng Da may be a better choice you don’t want the full-on sedative effect, for example, if you want to get on with your day by taking a moderate dose.

  1. Green Vein Maeng Da

The green vein Maeng Da is not as popular as red and white. That’s because its effects are slightly less powerful overall. So if you want euphoria, you tend to go for white vein, and if you want sedation and pain relief, you tend to go for red vein.

But if you want a gentle introduction to the effects of Maeng Da, then the green vein variety can be a good starting point.

In terms of using Maeng Da kratom for pain, most people tend to go for the red vein variety.

I have tried many different red vein kratom for my back pain, so far this ultra enhanced red vein Maeng Da is the best.

In terms of the dose when determining the best kratom for pain and energy, we tend to classify them in the following brackets:

  1. A beginners dose of 1-2 grams
  2. A mild dose where the main effects are felt 3-4 grams
  3. A moderate dose of 5-6 grams, where the full balance between uplifting/painkilling is reached
  4. A strong dose of 7 grams or more, whether sedative/euphoric effects begin to overwhelm

In terms of using Maeng Da kratom for pain relief, it’s best to start with a low dose. Too much of this stuff and you will start to struggle with the level of disassociation and sedation you feel. For most people, the sweet spot is slightly lower than with other types of kratom.

Red Vein Maeng Da should also be treated with slightly more respect than the other vein colors of the same kratom. Remember you can always start with a very low dose, and then top-up the dose around 30-60 minutes after taking it.

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Using Kratom For Energy

Whichever strain of kratom you use, it tends to work the same way. At lower doses your energy levels and alertness increase, to the point it becomes euphoric. From that point on, the higher doses tend to produce a more sedative, pain relieving, and at times, overwhelming effect.

But how these feel, how long they last, and how they interact with you, will depend on the individual taking them, and the type of kratom you select.

But generally, the best kratom for pain and energy overall, is Maeng Da. However, as we have said, at higher doses it can be overwhelmingly sedated instead of giving you more energy and focus.

A great alternative is green Malay, sometimes known as ultra enhanced green Malay kratom.

Ultra enhanced green Malay kratom is popular with students, especially in Asia. This is because it lifts energy and focus at moderate to mid-range dose.

So if you are lacking motivation, need to focus on a task, need an energy boost, and produce innovative ideas and results, then Ultra enhanced green Malay is certainly the type of kratom to consider.  or green malay.

If you are looking for the best kratom for energy and euphoria, I recommend white borneo

The Best Kratom For Anxiety

Another increasingly common use of kratom is for relieving the effects of anxiety. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), is becoming increasingly common in today’s hectic world, and many people are finding that kratom can help ease that anxiety.

In terms of finding the best kratom for anxiety relief, there are three main possibilities:

  • Borneo
  • Bali
  • Red vein strains of kratom

Borneo kratom is very popular with people who are trying to lessen their anxiety levels. Even a low dose around 2 grams can be enough to diminish the debilitating effects of anxiety in social situations.

It’s also flexible, and the effects don’t overwhelm at higher levels, but when they start to they are more sedative than euphoric, maintaining inner peace. If you are looking for the best kratom for pain and anxiety, red borneo is probably the best.

Bali kratom is also popular with people wanting to relieve the symptoms anxiety. It tends to have a sedating effect, and is cheaper than other types. However, it does tend to have more side effects.

Finally, when it comes to using kratom for anxiety, red vein strains generally are better because they have a tendency towards calmness and sedation, even at mid-range doses.

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Kratom Side Effects

Some strains of kratom have different side effects to others, but generally, kratom side effects are broadly the same, whatever type you take.

In terms of the specific side effects of taking kratom, the main ones are:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Agitation
  • Nausea
  • Itching
  • Sweating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased urination
  • Drowsiness

However, it should be noted that things like increased heart rate, agitation and drowsiness are synonymous with higher doses. Red vein kratom at a high dose will produce drowsiness, which is not necessarily a side effect, just the extreme end of the sedative effect kicking in.

So when it comes to minimizing side effects of kratom it’s about educating yourself, by experimenting with low doses of different types of kratom, and then slightly increasing the doses of the types that work well for you, to produce the effect you want.

Some Kratom Reviews Push Poor Quality Kratom

When it comes to buying kratom online, you will not get the best kratom for pain and anxiety use unless you get top grade kratom.

It’s incredibly important that you take into account several key things around the kratom you are intending to buy, something a lot of kratom reviews don’t mention, when they talk about the best kratom vendor‘s:

  1. Where, how and when the kratom is harvested can be crucial.
  2. How the kratom is processed and stored before it gets to the retail store can be crucial.
  3. Storage, considering things like temperature, length of storage, and packaging are key to getting good quality kratom.
  4. The kratom should be grown from sustainable, fully organic, traditional, pure sources.

Low-quality kratom is usually cheap. That’s why so many people get fooled. When it comes to buying kratom, it’s always better to spend a little more, at a reputable online store. The best place to buy kratom is invariably never the cheapest place.

It’s better because you will get the full effect, otherwise you’ll have to take in as much as double the usual dose, which makes it no more inexpensive anyway.

And on top of that, just like with cheap alcohol, the side-effects, just like the hangover, will be worse with cheap, ill-prepared kratom.

Where To Buy: The Best Place To Buy Kratom Online

When it comes to determining the best place to buy kratom, especially finding the best kratom for pain, energy and anxiety, then you need to consider everything we have talked about in terms of the quality of the kratom, and also getting value for money.

For example, in terms of experimenting with Maeng Da kratom for pain relief, red vein kratom is generally better. So for example, one of our three chosen top kratom vendor’s sells a variety pack, that contains four different kinds of red vein kratoms.

This is fantastic value, because it means you can experiment easily, without buying four huge bags of kratom, at a cost of maybe several hundred dollars.

As well as that, you are looking for a company that has a great track record with sending kratom out quickly, with next day delivery, probably free delivery over a certain value, and a moneyback guarantee.

Plus all the usual things you expect in an online retailer, things like customer service, the ability to contact them easily, and evidence of their supply chain, that they source and sell the best kratom.

Our 3 Best Kratom Vendors

When it comes to using the best kratom for pain management, energy and anxiety we’ve already talked about the strains you should consider, and the types of place you should buy them from.

Let’s now discuss specifically, three of the best kratom vendors out there, based on the experiences of thousands of people. A lot of kratom reviews are biased, but in our experience, most kratom reviews, and members of the public, single out these two web stores every single time.

1.Coastline Kratom

These guys sell awesome quality kratom. It’s not the cheapest, but what you are getting is pure, well sourced, well packaged, fresh kratom. It is probably the best place to buy kratom online.

They offer everything you need, in terms of experimenting with high-quality kratom, especially if you want to experiment with using ultra enhanced Maeng Da kratom for pain.

They offer red, white and Ultra enhanced red vein Maeng Da kratom. It’s all good quality, but I would warn you that the Ultra enhanced is rocket fuel, and unless you have seriously experimented with kratom, it may be too much for you.

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This is also one of the best places to buy kratom that you will find anywhere online. It’s definitely one of the best kratom vendors, as we have found over many years, and it’s also backed up by the positive kratom reviews of thousands of customers across the Internet.

The genius of this company is that not only do they offer high-quality powdered bags of kratom, but they also offer cost-effective variety packs of kratom.

On top of that, they also offer the same high quality kratom, in capsule form. Capsules are more expensive than powdered kratom, but you know you are getting a completely controlled dose.

Even better, PurKratom allow you to buy a variety pack of kratom capsules, which gives the beginner the ultimate toolkit to begin experimenting with. are primarily a domestic market kratom company, but don’t be put off if you are abroad, because they do ship internationally as well.

They sell incredibly good powdered kratom, but on top of that they also sell several types of ultra enhanced kratom and 25x and 50x kratom extracts. So if you are looking for the ultimate kratom punch, then these guys supplier.

One thing which is great for new people, is that for just $50, you can get a variety pack that contains a sample of every major type of kratom:

Maeng Da, Premium Bali, White Vein Borneo, Red Vein Thai, Red Vein Kali, and Green Vein Thai and Green Vein Malay which is the best kratom for energy.

This means that if you don’t like the quality of the kratom they sell, even after trying it, you can send it back for 100% refund. So this company not only deliver the goods on product quality, but also customer service.

  • Well packaged kratom available in all major varieties
  • 100% moneyback guarantee
  • Free shopping over $50
  • Variety packs allow you a cheap entry experimenting with kratom

So overall, if you looking for a great place to buy kratom online online, especially for the first time, where you going to get quality product backed up by quality service levels, with a full moneyback guarantee, then you really can’t go wrong with

best kratom for pain and energy

Whichever of these trusted kratom vendors you choose, they will certainly deliver you the best kratom for anxiety, pain and energy can find anywhere.

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