Does Best Buy Drug Test It’s Employees?

Being such a huge company and employer in the States, it is no surprise that lots of people wonder if Best Buy drug test.

Now with a lot of companies it’s always a bit confusing because internal polices change a lot, there is a lot of misinformation online, and also local variations can mean that testing policies are different depending on where you are.

But thankfully that isn’t the case here, and the Best Buy drug test 2017 procedures are pretty clear and well documented. So let’s go through them here so that you can be fully informed if you are maybe up for interview with Best Buy.

Does Best Buy Drug Test On The First Interview?

No Best Buy does not drug test on first interview. The process is that you will get an initial interview which you will either pass or fail.

You will then get passed on to a more senior manager if you pass an initial interview. Once they are satisfied that you are suitable for employment, you will then have to complete pre-employment documents.

These documents cover all the usual things such as history, convictions and all that stuff, but also an agreement to take a pre-employment drug test. It’s made clear that passing this test is required to be offered a job.

Does Best Buy drug Test

What Happens When I Do A Best Buy Drugs Test?

You will be given an appointment locally to take a standard lab urine drug test.

Regardless of the type of position you are applying for, whether it’s a low level job, or higher paying management post, you will always have to take the test. The bottom line is that if the drugs test is failed then you won’t be considered for employment.

If you pass the test then you will receive a phone call to go in and complete the employment process,but you will know if you have failed because the evidence suggests you won’t receive a phone call, and at best you might receive a letter declining your application.

How Can I Pass A Best Buy Urine Test?

Best Buy lab tests check for all the usual drugs, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, stuff like that. They also check alcohol, but obviously unless you turn up drunk or the day after a heavy session then that’s not going to be an issue.

It’s a standard urine specimen test, but it differs to a lot of companies in that the tests on the sample are run immediately and the result is confirmed positive or negative. So it’s quite quick and you should expect to hear pretty soon.

As it’s such a standard test, some high quality synthetic urine is your best bet for passing the test.

If you haven’t got any of that to hand, then you could try using detox drinks as the better quality ones will probably get you through.

So you have certainty in terms of wondering does Best Buy drug test. Yes they do, and they do it for everybody after the initial stage of the employment process, so protect yourself by making sure that you either detox before the second stage of the employment process, or that you have access to high quality synthetic urine, I recommend Sub Solution.

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