Baking Soda Drug Test Method: Does It Work?

baking soda drug test

There are tons of crazy home remedies out there which all claim to be able to get you through a drug test. The truth is that most of them are completely untrue. But what about the baking soda drug test method?

The baking soda method is a home remedy for drug testing that’s been around for years, and many people online claim that it really can flush out the toxins and pass a drug test.

The what’s the truth? Is it possible to use the baking soda drug test instructions to remove, or temporarily hide, drug toxins, so that you can submit a clean sample?

What Is The Baking Soda Cleanse To Pass A Drug Test?

For reasons of it being affordable, or easy, some people do attempt a baking soda cleanse to pass a drug test.

I’ll go through the method in a moment, but using baking soda has been linked to being a very simple way of potentially eradicating drug toxins from your system.

It has been particularly linked with meth users, who on the Internet have been widely talking about using it in order to pass a probation drug test.

It’s not really even a cleanse, the idea is that you consume baking soda, and somehow the active ingredients in it will get rid of the toxins, so that you can submit a clean urine sample.

Baking Soda Drug Test Instructions

The baking soda drug test instructions are really straightforward, consisting literally of baking soda and water.

The classic formula online is 1 tablespoon per fifty pounds of body weight, mixed into at least 8 ounces of water.

This is then whisked thoroughly to smooth it as much as possible, and then it is drunk.

The idea is to drink it down as quickly as possible, literally in seconds, because of the foul taste.

How Long Does Baking Soda Last For Drug Test?

People ask how long does baking soda last for drug test results. I think they ask this because they are wondering how long it will work for, in terms of submitting a clean sample.

But the problem with that, is they are assuming it will work. The unfortunate truth is that the baking soda drug test method simply doesn’t work.

I think the reason behind it is baking soda being linked with hygiene products historically, there is a cleansing link there.

baking soda cleanse to pass drug test

Does The Baking Soda Drug Test Method Work?

But there is literally no scientific evidence at all that baking soda will clean your system. Nor will it temporarily flush toxins out of your system.

What happens when you drink the baking soda is usually you start to vomit, and shortly after, you start to have really bad stomach cramps, leading to multiple bowel evacuations.

So basically you become sick, and start evacuating your body. This will do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve, because it will make your body unbalanced, and it won’t help it to work at peak efficiency to flush toxins out.

Nor will this process hide toxins in a way that will show up as a natural in a drug test.  Yes you could flush the toxins out of your bowel and bladder, but your sample in a urine test will be so abnormal due to vomiting and dehydration, that it will undoubtedly be rejected anyway.

This is primarily due to the way it will alter the pH balance of your urine, making it obviously unusual.

So even if you can get yourself well enough to go to the lab testing facility a couple of hours after ingesting baking soda, the chances of the baking soda drug test method working are literally zero.

Ways You Can Pass A Drug Test

So the bottom line here is that none of these home methods really do work. Baking soda, Niacin, pickle juice, Palo Azul, none of them.

The only home remedy which has any basis in fact is the Certo Sure Jell method. There is some scientific evidence that pectin helps to drag fat out of the body, to which cannabis metabolites attach. But it’s risky and there are much safer ways to pass a drug test.

Which means you have to ignore stuff like the baking soda drug test method, and look at the only three ways you can truly pass drug test:

  1. Submit a fake sample using fake urine

How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutesTo submit a fake sample, you will need to buy some synthetic urine. The best brand you can use is called Sub Solution.

It’s really simple to use this stuff, all you have to do is add the heat activator powder into it, to get it up to the right temperature. There’s a handy temperature strip on the side so you can see when it’s at human body temperature.

Then you go along to the lab, go behind the screen, and pour the fake sample into the submission container.

A good quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution will contain all the natural markers that a lab will look for to check for a real sample. It doesn’t contain preservatives that some labs look for, and in 99% of cases it will give you a pass.

The downside of using synthetic urine, is that it has to be an unobserved drug test for it to be a successful strategy. But if it’s an unobserved drug test, then it’s going to be far better than the baking soda drug test method.

  1. Submit a clean sample by temporarily flushing the toxins out

Best Detox drinks for drug testThe second way you can pass a drug test, rather than rely on crazy things like the baking soda drug test method, is to use a high quality detox drink.

You see, the baking soda method never could work, because it can’t work like a detox drink.

A good quality detox drink will flush the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract.

It will also contain nutrients and minerals to retain the balance lost in this process, giving you a few hours to submit a balanced, toxin free sample.

The good quality detox drinks you should be considering our Mega Clean, Rescue Cleanse and Ultra Eliminex. There are tons of detox drinks out there, but these are the only three brands I would ever totally recommend.

  1. Accelerate the body’s natural detox process with a high quality supplement

The bottom line if you want to do a natural detox, is that your body only eliminates toxins as a certain rate. That’s why you have to either submit a fake sample, or temporarily mask the toxins leaving your body.

But it is possible to accelerate the body’s natural detoxification rate by using a high quality detox pill.

You take it as a supplement, usually over about 7-10 days, alongside a natural detoxification. This is usually enough time to get you properly clean.

The only detox pill I would ever recommend you trying is called Toxin Rid. It’s not cheap, but a seven-day, or higher, program of it will certainly accelerate a natural detox by up to 25%.

The baking soda drug test method simply won’t work, there’s a reason why very few people say it works, and a lot of reason to avoid it.

Your only strategy should be to spend some money on high quality detox products.

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