Azo Pill For Drug Test: Does It Work?

azo pill drug test

People with drug testing coming up soon often panic and reach out for anything that could help, no matter how unlikely. One thing people find online is around using the Azo pill for a drug test

So what’s the deal, does Azo work to pass a drug test, or is it a fantasy?

In this post I’m going to tell you all about using Azo Standard to pass a drug test, whether it can kick up a false positive drug test, and what your alternatives are.

What Is Azo Standard?

Azo Standard is licensed for help with urinary tract infections. You can buy it over-the-counter, and it’s meant to help with minimizing the symptoms, and make your urine less infected.

Azo is available as something called Standard”, which is why many many people call it Azo Standard. But it’s actually just called Azo, and it’s also available in cranberry.

The problem is, that Azo is famous for leaving your urine a completely crazy color, a sort of plum/ orange color.

Does Azos Work To Pass A Drug Test?

So does Azo work to pass a drug test? For me, the answer is an obvious no.

Not only will it leave your urine and odd color for several hours, but there’s actually no evidence it can flush out drug toxins, beyond anecdotal evidence online.

Yes, it’s used for urinary tract infections, but let’s be honest with each other here, what’s a urinary tract infection got to do with flushing out drug toxins to pass a drug test?

Some people claim that cranberry works, because of the fruit content, which attaches to some drug toxins and drag them out of the bowels. Others claim the standard Azo will also do the same.

Let’s be honest here, it’s a load of nonsense. On top of being nonsense, if you try this method, you’re going to end up with crazy orange urine, which is never going to even pass a visual check at the lab.

Azo False Positive Drug Test Warning

Unfortunately, there is a second reason to not rely on Azo pills for a drug test.

In some circumstances, people can experience an Azo false positive drug test. Basically, if you are taking Azo before your drug test, it can throw up a false positive for something else.

That’s why you have to inform the drug testing center of any medications and pills you are taking, and one of those on the list is Azo.

So why the hell would you take something which could generate a false positive, to try and pass a drug test at all?

How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutes

Ways To Pass A Drug Test

When it comes to passing a urine drug test, you shouldn’t be wondering does Azo work to pass a drug test, because it simply will not help at all. In fact, it could make things worse by flagging your sample with a false positive.

Although there is some anecdotal evidence that a lot of Azo can flush out toxins for a few hours, why on earth would you take that risk? It still costs money, and you have the false positive issue.

The best way to pass a standard urine drug test is to use synthetic urine.Sub Solution and Quick Fix are both brands which will easily pass a standard drug test.

Both contain all the chemical markers a drug testing facility will look for to make sure the sample appears natural. They also look, and smell, like the real thing. They also both contain high-quality ways of keeping the sample at the right temperature.

Or, you could use a THC detox drink. Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean are both great drinks, that will flush out the toxins, replace the lost nutrients, and give you a window of around three or four hours, where your urine is free of toxins.

So don’t even consider using Azo pills to pass a drug test, a professionally constructed detox drink or synthetic urine is a far better bet.

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