Absolute Detox Review

I’ve reviewed a lot of detox drinks and synthetic urine brands recently and I suppose I am a bit fed up that the vast majority of them are quite disappointing. It’s not cheap to test these products, but I’m kind of seeing it as a bit of a mission and public service now.

In fact, about 90% of everything I’ve tested to try and pass a drugs test has failed so far. There are very few things I can recommend, and I’m hoping this might change. In this Absolute Detox review I’m going to test Absolute Detox drink XXL, which cost me $45 , in order to answer the question does absolute detox work for a drug test?

What’s The Story With Absolute Detox Drink XXL?

As I just said, only a few detox drinks have worked for me so far. These were Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse.

I was hopeful about testing absolute detox because it is recommended for heavy smokers who have a large body mass, which fits me. A lot of these products for detoxing your body seemed to be aimed at a lighter person, or more cynically, they are aimed at getting you to buy double the product to get a result.

The Test: Does Absolute Detox Work For Drug Test?

Absolute detox reviewAbsolute detox reviewOkay so I fit the criteria being a heavier person who smokes. I’ve been sick recently though so I haven’t smoked in the past couple of days, which meant that taking this detox drink now should be more beneficial.

I followed the instructions on the website. They are a little bit muddled, but basically I avoided toxins, drank the recommended amount of water, followed the timescales and took the test two hours after consumption, which is listed as the peak effectiveness for absolute detox XXL.

And the amazing news is that although I didn’t have a high expectation of absolute detox, the urine test was negative. I passed!

As well as passing the test, my urine didn’t seem very diluted either. Now this was only a visual check, but it had plenty of color in it, it didn’t look how it does, you know, when you have drunk a lot quickly and it looks almost clear.

Absolute Detox Review: Conclusion

Absolute detox was a success. It was a pass from me and I can only speak for myself, but following the instructions as a larger person who smokes, I successfully got through a drugs test with it. Now obviously this was a one off test, and it was a home drug test kit, not a urine test by a professional lab, but it’s a hopeful conclusion to this Absolute detox review.

I’m certainly happy because as I said at the start, I’ve reviewed tons of detox drinks and lots of types of synthetic urine, spend a lot of cash and got virtually zero successful results.

I’m over the moon that Absolute Detox XXL worked for me, and I’m happy to say give it a try. You can order Abolute detox here.

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