How To Pass A Urine Drug Test – What I did

Among the pile of shit which I receive in emails each day, a sizeable chunk is to enquire how to get weed out your system fast. It seems like there’s a lot of people out there who like to toke a little bud every now and then.

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System FastWhat’s more surprising is that this question is aimed at helping flush weed out from the body, which indicates that there are a lot of people like me, who cannot do without their daily dose of marijuana.

Or at least multiple times a week if that sounds like a more appropriate description.

Point is, being a seasoned weed user sucks. Fellow weeders (no pun intended) treat you like this messiah who can help them understand how to get weed out your system fast.

The fact is that I am no weed guru who tinkers with pipettes and funnels in a secret laboratory. I am just an average joe who happens to like Marijuana like a lot of others. And I have experimented with almost every +some of the products and methods that claim to help you beat a drug test.

I can tell you what worked for me and a lot of others and also make recommendations. Whether it helps you or doesn’t depends on how well you use the information.


Before plowing ahead, I would like to tell you about cannabis and how it works within the system. When you smoke dope, it puts THC metabolites in your body. These chemicals invade your urine, hair and blood.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the weasel dug its way into your DNA.

This is bad news for those facing a strict drug test. To make matters even worse, THC metabolites can stay within the system for a long time. Now, you should know that there are 4 types of drug tests, which are frequently used by employers. Urine, hair and blood or oral fluid tests are the most common. Below, you’ll find a list of the length of time THC will be visible depend on the test.


  • Urine – Urine varies greatly. THC may leave the urine, within 22 minutes, if you ingest second hand smoke. I smoke a lot of weed, so it’d likely remain in my urine for 30 days.
  • Hair – Hair is much worse! THC can stay within your hair for 90 days!
  • Blood/Oral Fluid – For a heavy user like me, THC would remain in my blood for about 2 weeks.[/alert-note]

The worst thing is that you need time for the body to allow the metabolites to be flushed out normally without any assistance. And when you have an employment test staring at you, time is a priced commodity.

That’s where one of the following methods will be your ticket out of the mess that you may have gotten yourself into.

Synthetic Urine

how to pass a drug testIf you have an unsupervised urine test (one where the lab attendant isn’t going to peep as you hold your dick and pee), then there is no easier method than using synthetic urine.

Just conceal the bottle of synthetic urine in your clothes and swap it with the sample or pour it into the sample bottle.

The caveat is that 90% of the synthetic urine brands that are sold out there are junk.

You’d probably be busted because the urine is too watery or ironically, too perfect to be true.

The two brand that I trust and what has worked multiple times for me are Sub Solution and Quick Fix 6.2.  If I have an unsupervised drug test, I’d probably smoke pot on my way to the test with a bottle of Sub Solution with me. It’s that good.

[alert-note]It has been around since 2002, is the only formula that contains uric acid along with urea and comes with a heat activator that heats your urine to the precise temperature in just seconds. What’s more, it comes with a 200% money back guarantee.[/alert-note]

The best part is that you don’t need to break your bones trying to exercise or gulp water like a camel or eat only greens and stuff. Neither do you need to beg your friend to piss for you. You can continue to smoke too. For more info, check their official webshop.

I wouldn’t recommend using synthetic urine on supervised drug tests, too risky, but if the test is unsupervised, synthetic urine is the way to pass a drug test. If you dont have enough time for the cleaning procedure, then fake piss is the way to go.

Check out my synthetic urine review.

A Friend’s Urine

This one is basically the same. I am pretty sure You could find at least one buddy, who doesn’t smoke dope 5 hours a day. But, can you trust him? What if he smoked, lets 1 month ago? What if he took certain medications?(not drugs) Those can also trigger a false alarm. Also, the urine must be heated or it’ll trigger problems.

Ingesting Detoxifying Agents

Just the thought of ingesting detoxifying agents will turn your stomach, but if you are scheduled for a weed test, you will do whatever it takes to pass. There are innumerable detoxes drinks available on the market and you can purchase them at any herbal shop or online pharmacy. These products are safe for human consumption, you are not at risk by consuming these drinks!

quickest way to get weed out of your systemThese are liquids which help to temporarily stop the drug metabolites from being released in your urine. This gives you a three to four hour gap during which you can submit your urine sample and clear the test.

The guy or lady can stand and watch you piss all they want.

Once again, the same rule applies. There’s tons of junk being peddled out there and unless you pick a detox solution that works, you are staring at a lost job and the stigma of being labelled a doper.

Fuck the stigma but at least you can land a job if you do your research.
You can read my  detox drink review here.

So how to get weed out of your system fast ? I mean how to “mask” it fast, within an hour?

My picks are Mega Clean& XXtra clean, Ultra Eliminex and Rescue Cleanse.  Mega Clean, Ultra Eliminex and Rescue Cleanse 32Oz are for frequent users who have a heavy body mass while XXtra and Rescue cleanse 16Oz for casual smokers with a normal body mass.

I use Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse 32OZ because I am 6’4 and approximately 250 lbs.

[alert-note]If you purchase them on Mega Clean and XXtra clean include a pre-cleanse capsule pack that must be used at least 24 hours before your scheduled test and the detox liquid which must be used approximately 4 hours before your test.[/alert-note]

The only thing that you need to be aware of is that you’ll be required to drink copious amounts of water while you are using them.

Rescue Cleanse32 Oz works the same way as Mega Clean.

The formula is mainly herbal and is completely safe for use any time. You can purchase it on the manufacturer’s website (its 19$ cheaper than Mega Clean)

If you’d like to know more about Mega clean, check out my detailed review over here.

Detox Pills

Last but not the least, if you have at least 5 to 10 days to go for the test and are looking for an actual detox as opposed to a temporary masking, then go for Toxin Rid. This is a complete detox system that will flush out traces of THC and any other drug metabolite that may be lurking in your system.

This is the quickest way to get weed out of your system.

Toxin Rid is available in multiple packages or programmes that you can choose from. It depends on how many days you have to go for the actual drug test. The longest and most thorough detox program is 10 days. But they also have 1, 2, 3,5 and 7 day day programs. As a bare minimum, I highly recommend the 5 day program at least. Works for all drugs: Weed,Cocaine, opiates, Amphetamins etc..

You can purchase it on the manufacturer’s website site.

Also, before using Toxin Rid, it is recommended that you follow a healthy lifestyle to  to get weed out of your system as fast as possible. That includes:


  • Drinking a lot of fluids
  • Exercising regularly
  • Adding cardio to your routine so that your body sweats as much as possible
  • Add fiber rich foods to your diet
  • Stop smoking [/alert-note]

Home Drug Test

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System in 24 hoursOnce you try one of these products or methods, you should purchase a home drug test .

This is the best way to ensure yourself that your urine is clean. These home tests are very affordable, so you may want to pick up several packages, just in case.

These are 6-panel tests, which mean that they will detect weed and other various illicit drugs.

Do not take the test, until 1-2 days before your scheduled drug test, because you want to make sure that the weed can no longer be detected in your urine.

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast with “home remedies”?

The ” Certo drug test ” Method

At some point of time, you’d be tempted to go the DIY way to know how to get weed out of your system fast. There are gazillion different home methods that are floating around on the internet. It goes without saying that most of them are not even worth a read. Yet people spend their time, money and effort on these methods and then end up being busted in the test anyway.

One of these methods is the Certo Method. Certo is fruit pectin brand and the method claims that pectins can be used to form a coating on the inner lining of the bladder which then prevents drug metabolites from being released in the urine. If that worked, this would undoubtedly be the easiest and most cost effective method to beat a drug test.

However, the fun ends there. The method is not reliable at all. In fact, I wouldn’t even spend a dime on it because there are too many variables at play here that can easily bust the whole thing. You may be a heavy smoker with a high BMI and the pectins may not suffice to prevent the THC from being excreted in your urine. Also, even the tiniest amount of pectins can cause your sample to be busted.

For more info check out my “sure jell drug test review

To sum it up, I wouldn’t vouch for the Certo Method.

Total detox friend review (scam)

Eventually, I stumbled across a site which promised a detailed step by step guide on how to get weed out of your system fast. I was very skeptical, but wanted to know what’s this “total detox friend method” . Anyway, I followed through with it, did everything that I was instructed to do. A few days later, I tested myself with a DIY drug test and I failed. No suprise. This program is called “total detox friend ” and its advertised everywhere.

Please do not fall for them, it doesn’t work !

At the end of the day, if you want to get pot out of your system fast, you can. But it takes time and requires some money.

Conclusion: The Top 3 Methods To Get Weed Out Of your System

  1. Toxin Rid detox pills: Using Toxin Rid combined with natural detoxification is probably the fastest way to get rid ot THC. It will take 5-7 days, depending on your smoking habits. Its permanent detox.
  2. Detox drinks: These drinks not going to clean THC out of your system permanently, but they will mask toxins for up to 5 hours. Its a temporary solution, but works very well.
  3. Natural detox: Its slow and requires a lot of work (exercise,alter your diet, drink lots of water) and depends on many factors: Body type, smoking habits, metabolism etc.It takes minimum 2 weeks.

How to get weed out of your system

Easiest ways to pass a urine test:

What didn’t work:

  • Low quality cleansing drinks in local stores
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Doing exercise
  • Home remedies (cranberry juice, goldenseal,niacin,certo etc..)
  • “Total Detox friend cleansing guide for 39$”
  • Detox pills from amazon 

Not urine test? Check out:

How to pass a hair drug test, blood drug test, saliva test or nicotine test.

Also check out my product reviews that work: Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo, Rescue Cleanse detox Drink, Mega Clean, Absoulte Detox drink and Oral Clear Gum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does water clean out your system?

Hydration is one of the cornerstones of any successful drug detoxification program. But it is often misinterpreted to be effective enough to flush out drug metabolites from your body completely without any additional ingredient. Not true.

I have been privy to people who guzzled water like a camel for a week before a drug test and then got busted with flying colors. Water will help. Water alone will not help. You will most likely need a thorough detoxification package that includes dietary fiber, multivitamins, minerals and the likes.

Does niacin clean your system out?

No. It doesn’t. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Niacin is a B-Vitamin that can help lower LDL cholesterol levels when taken in finite amounts. But that’s about it. There is no correlation between THC-COOH and Niacin. At best, there is a lopsided argument that claims that since Niacin can help convert stored body fat into energy, it may indirectly help eliminate the drug metabolites that are stored in the fat cells.

Anybody or any website that claims that you can beat a drug test by consuming a lot of Niacin is talking through their ass. Skedaddle. Niacin can cause toxic side effects when taken more than the recommended dose. Save your time, money and also your body.

Does baking soda clean your system for a drug test?

Here’s another home remedy and another sham for you. Baking soda is being touted as an inexpensive and easily-available solution that helps mask THC metabolites in your urine.

All that you have got to do is down six tablespoons of baking soda mixed in water, approximately 4 hours before the scheduled drug test. Six tablespoons? God help your taste buds and your tummy. You will most likely be pissing through your butt after consuming that concoction. Oh yes, almost forgot. It will not help you flush out drug metabolites. Never has!

Does drinking cranberry juice before a drug test help?

Nope, sorry! Its just an urban legend.

Does acid (LSD) show up on a drug test?

It usually doesn’t unless you are using copious amounts of acid every other day. Also most run of the mill tests don’t screen your urine for LSD. A miniscule amount of LSD can give you such a strong hit that most people who seek out psychedelics use micro doses. Such a small amount is impossible to detect in drug tests.

Lastly, the body aggressively flushes out LSD metabolites from the system and it is completely eliminated in as less as 48 hours after you use it. Having said that, if your employer is conducting an Abuscreen or an EMIT test (rare), then LSD metabolites can be detected.

Do edibles stay longer in your system?

So, you have been staying off weed and resisting the urge to smoke with all your will. And then, you get a chance to enjoy a firecracker or a brownie and you give in. Now, you are staring at a drug test in a week’s time. What are the chances of THC being detected in your system? That depends on a lot of factors to be honest. But to put it in simple terms, if you smoke rarely, have a clean system, hydrate yourself and exercise well, then you may be safe.

THC can be eliminated in as less as 7 days. That’s only a ‘may be’ though. On the other hand, if you smoke frequently, have a high body fat percentage and exercise rarely, then edibles can stay in your system for almost a month. Because when you consume edibles, the body absorbs a higher amount of marijuana than when you smoke it.

What kind of drug test does walmart do?

If you are looking for a job at Walmart, then you will have to undergo a urinalysis and a background check. The good news is that it will most likely be an unsupervised drug test, which means that you have ample means to sneak in a bottle of synthetic piss. However, at times certain Walmart outlets may ask you to undergo a supervised drug test.

There have been instances where people have been picked without a drug test as well. It depends on whether you are able to get through the initial screening without triggering suspicion.  For detailed info, check out my “do they drug test articles”.

Can drug test detect gender?

Although a urine test can detect gender, it’s not something that is looked for in a standard lab test. So it doesn’t matter if you are substituting male or female urine if that is why you are investigating this question. However, some forum talk suggests that labs out there do sometimes look for gender markers, which means you could get caught out, so it’s not worth the risk.

How to pass a drug test in 24 hours naturally?

Bad news you can’t. There are only two ways to pass a drug test within 24 hours: synthetic urine or detox drinks. Both work, but non of them are “natural”.